Que Pasa in Cabo?

September 30, 2019 Edition

New mall coming to San Jose.

Inside the International Convention Center, 11,000 sq. ft. of commercial space is now available for rent. Preferred businesses will be banks, convenience stores, pharmacy, courier services, coffee shops and the like. An additional 25,500 sq. ft. are available for corporate offices and a Co-Working space with a copy center and cafeteria. Lots of parking space is available. Information: iccplaza@myrmexico.com, Ph. 624 1234 184, www.myrmexico.com

Average hotel room rate the highest. A report released by the Los Cabos Hotel Ass. states that we have the highest average room rent in the country, at $291 USD per night.

The report adds that between this year and 2023, 4,400 more hotel rooms will be open, most of them in the upper luxury range. At least 30 percent more employees will be hired this fall and winter.

International Film Fest update. “In response to the voices that urge us to rethink the role of women in cinema, the Los Cabos International Film Festival introduces the initiative #MujeresFantásticas (Fantastic Women), which aims to accentuate women’s impact in the film industry.” The actress Yalitza Aparicio, an Oscar nominee this year, is the spokesperson for the initiative.

The worldwide and very relevant discussion about women’s equal participation in cinema coincides with ongoing concerns within the Festival. This is the reason behind the launching of #MujeresFantásticas, an initiative that invites debate on the possibility of a more inclusive industry.

Alongside Yalitza Aparicio, the festival calls for the creation of more stories with a gender perspective, including complex and diverse female characters, as well as better conditions for women to be able to work in the different technical and creative areas of the film industry.

Also announced was the presence of American filmmaker Ira Sachs, whose films include The Delta (1997), Forty Shades of Blue (2005), Married Life (2007), Keep the Lights On (2012), and Love Is Strange (2014). His newest film, Little Men, premiered at Sundance in 2016. The festival will be the venue for the Latin American premiere of Sachs’s latest film, Frankie, which competed for the Palm D’Or at this year’s Cannes festival. His movies Keep the Lights On and Love Is Strange will also be part of the movies shown this year in Cabo.

More solar power to Cabo. Several of Los Cabos resorts are installing solar panels to help reduce the increasing price of electricity. Only between 2017 and this year, the cost of electricity has gone up over 100 percent. The Solmar Foundation has installed solar power in its sports center and will continue expanding the solar energy to other properties.

Power generation capacity will increase. The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will improve electricity generation capacity in our Southern Baja California state after we were hit by a series of blackouts due to low capacity earlier this year.

CFE operations director Carlos Morales announced the plan at an event with Governor Carlos Mendoza.

Morales said that electricity distribution problems in the state have been caused by poor maintenance of the state’s generation plants. By October, the CFE will restore 42 megawatts of generation capacity that are currently out of service.

Morales also said that a natural gas power plant being built in Pichilingue will be equipped with energy-saving technology including heat recuperators, and will have a capacity of 170 megawatts when it goes into operation.

By the summer of 2021, another four new generators will be operating, he said. “That will mean the production of 170 megawatts, which will relieve the pressure on the electricity system.” In total, Morales said that Baja California Sur will have an additional 472 megawatts of generation capacity by the end of 2022.

New “Visit México” platform launched. After the private-sector agrees to provide funding following the 'Not a peso' of public funding to support the tourism marketing site was said by Mexico’s tourism secretary.

Over the next five years, businesses will invest an estimated $90 million in the website, which was previously administered by the now-defunct Tourism Promotion Council.

Tourism Secretary Miguel Torruco told a relaunch event yesterday that 'not a peso' of public money would go to the site thanks to an agreement struck with the private sector.

Google, Discovery Channel and hotel company Grupo Posadas have already committed to investing in the website.

We have a real submarine! It sank in March 1920 near Mag Bay, in the northern Pacific of our state, and is an attraction for divers. It is an American submarine that embanked in the Margarita Island. Its name has not been recorded, but historical documents state that 8 members of the crew drowned, 2 were lost at sea and 9 survived.

La Paz government wants to impound homes. Nearly $1 million is owed on 400 properties in the state’s capital city, and  Mayor Ruben Munoz said that the city government will seize properties whose owners have failed to pay their taxes.

The municipality started acting against the delinquent properties on August 16, but Muñoz said that only 76 property owners have been notified so far. “It’s mostly property tax debts going back more than five years,” he said. “There are also environmental violations on many of the properties.”