Que Pasa in Cabo?

March 18, 2019 Edition

And another good job recognized. The Palapa society of Todos Santos raised a record $11,000 this year with their annual open studio tour. This is enough for 4.5 scholarships for local kids. 

Fish on the cheap. On Saturday July 20, the Van Wormer resorts in Los Barriles on the East Cape will hold its 15th Annual East Cape Dorado Shoot Out. Participants may walk out with over $200K in cash and prizes, including a brand-new Volkswagen pick up truck. For more information look up: www.vanwormeresorts.com. OK, so it’s not a million bucks like the Bisbee, but it’s an easy buy in and It’s for fun and bragging rights. And who’s going to turn down 200 grand?

Triathlon in La Paz. The ITU Pan American Cup La Paz will take place this Saturday March 23 with 1,500 national and foreign athletes participating. There will be three categories, Junior, Sprint and Olympic.

It will be swam, ran and bike your brains out along the Malecon and up the hill towards Pichilingue north of town. It is estimated to leave behind $1.2 million in revenue, plus the media coverage that will make our capitol city more famous. Be ready and look sharp for the cameras!

More water to us. During his recent visit, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known as AMLO), gave the green light to build a second desal plant for Cabo San Lucas, which will cost a tad over $51 million and will be operating 27 months from now. Allegedly. Don’t say we said it would be up and running in just over two years.

The plant is expected to produce over 52 gallons of potable water per second and will benefit mostly the crowded barrios of Cabo, located on the road to the Cabo San Lucas airport. You never see these homes, Bunky, but care a little, this is where your waiters and housekeepers live and right now they only get water out of their taps a couple of times a week.

Almost no unemployment. The latest report from Mexico’s institute of geography and statistics (Inegi) revealed that our Southern Baja state had very low unemployment during the month of January. Only 3 percent, 0.5 lower than the same month last year.

 From another perspective, our state registered an annual job growth of 5.5 percent, which is the third highest of the country and above the national 3.4 percent average. It represents an increase of 10,000 new jobs in one year.

The report also revealed that the number of informal workers (peddlers, taco stand attendants, Avon salespeople and assorted people who work under the table), has decreased from 39.3 to 35.8 percent, the third lowest in Mexico. This is significant since it’s a way better life to be paying taxes. Really. Mexico has lots of freebies for taxpayers, like child care, credits towards their choice of housing, medical care, and a pretty generous pension when they reach 60.

Now are you still feeling sorry for the bum who robbed your house? There are jobs for those who want them.

In related news. The opening of the Hard Rock and Nobu hotels this year will require an additional 1,500 employees, who will also need proper housing. Many of these positions will be filled with out-of-town employees we’re going to have to bring in. Housing is tight, schools are on double shift, and traffic is horrendous.

Construction is also growing, with an annual increase of 66.9 percent. Just because you see all that growth on the corridor coming to an end, don’t think there isn’t construction going on. Just drive up behind Costco and Home Depot and you will see homes, condos, and even a strip center shooting up.

Baby cruise ship  The U.K.- based Cruise and Maritime Voyages announced last week the opening of a new route up and down our Southern Baja state, with ports of call at La Paz, Los Cabos, Santa Rosalia and Loreto.

The ship, carrying 550 precious passengers, will begin operations in December this year. The cruise ship has operated the Rocky Point, Guaymas, Topolobampo and Mazatlan route in the past.

Doggie census. Los Cabos health director has announced they will count each stray dog in order to come up with a plan to control their population. Sure, makes sense to us: a dog with a number won’t become a parent.

The census, he said, will indicate the need to create kennels, and how much is needed to spay and neuter them and find them homes. Euthanasia was not included in his speech, but this is Mexico, what do you think?

There goes the neighborhood. Los Cabos will welcome 65,000 European tourists this year, mostly from the U.K., along with tourists from other parts of Europe. That would be an increase from the current 12,000 European visitors per year.

The facilitator? A new direct flight from London that will begin landing at the San Jose international airport November 4, as we had announced earlier. The new flight was confirmed and officially announced at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur), held last week in Spain.

Usually Brits go to Florida or Cancun, but it looks like they’re being more creative now. Never met a Limey who didn’t complain about his weather at home, which is good for us.

Footsies only. But only on Sundays. Beginning last Sunday, the beautiful boulevard that runs the length of La Paz bay will be closed to vehicle traffic every Sunday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm., for the enjoyment of pedestrians who can wander around. The city government has organized several sports and athletic activities, including yoga and martial arts classes, open to all and free of charge.

No pets are allowed. Hey! Quit your whining dog people, we have had two bad maulings on the Malecon in the last two months. Even when they’re on a leash there are problems.

Two more hotels in La Paz. One by the Forte Capital Group, (a NY Investment firm), and a Hilton Garden Inn.

If anyone cares. Cardi B, the famed rapper and her on-and-off beau named Offset, jetted into Cabo on Sunday. Offset? Isn’t that a name for a dog?

The husband and wife, who reunited last month after calling it quits late last year, turned up the romance at a fancy pants hotel in Cabo. The Bodak Yellow star showed off their digs on social media, chronicling the fancy bathroom and bedroom. Offset led the way for her thanks to a path of rose petals leading to a heart on the bed.

This was all after Cardi just made a new single and music video with Bruno Mars and Offset. Now there’s a dog’s name for sure. We visualize a pit bull named Bruno.

26-year-old Chantel Jeffries, the popular DJ best known for getting it on with Justin Bieber, looked stunning in a neon green bikini at Omnia, where she put records on a record player, wowing hundreds of followers who admired her skill at that.