Que Pasa in Cabo?

February 18, 2019

Sea critter guide. The Los Cabos city government presented a booklet titled “Quick Guide to Marine Mammals in Southern Baja” last week, with the attendance of biologists, students and government officials clap clap clapping. The guide was sponsored by the Las Ventanas al Paraiso resort to promote interest in our critters, their conservation and ecotourism. The guide is in English and Spanish and can be found in hotels and some stores in Los Cabos. The content, including photos and description of 33 species of marine mammals, is the result of an alliance between the Defenders of Wildlife and Teyeliz non-governmental associations. The Baja peninsula is an important feeding and reproduction refuge for marine mammals.

So this is a refuge for eating and screwing? How do we qualify to live there?. Oh, we do.

New statue coming. Mario Meave, director of the Ciclovia in San Lucas, suggested on social media that we build a statue to honor our local firefighters. The response has been pretty enthusiastic, and people began donating the basic materials last Sunday at the weekly cycle event.

Besides zooming to fires, our local firechicks and firedudes do a good job wherever they’re needed. They helped with cleaning up downtown Cabo after hurricane Odile left it in shambles back in the Summer of 2014. They also participate in every citizen’s effort to clean up streets, beaches and the like. Plus, most of them are non-paid volunteers. So, bravo to them. A well deserved statue will pop up somewhere in downtown Cabo, carved by Juan Piedrola who has raised his hand to lend a hand. 

Slow down, Bunky! In just one week, there were eight car wrecks along the fourlane between San Lucas and San Jose, leaving three people dead, several injured, and a lot of wreckage. Not to mention jamming up the traffic for hours and hours. (Oh, is that insensitive? Well, don’t tell me you don’t sit there and grind your teeth when you’re jammed up due to an accident.)

Most of these accidents are taking place near Costco In Cabo, and near La Jolla in San Jose.

Most of these are preventable, caused by speeding and cell phone use. Local companies that have delivery vehicles have agreed to participate in an education plan for their drivers. Yup, way too many of these young uneducated men are responsible, as well as the young guys who reposition the rental cars. You see a brand new car zooming 100 kms an hour and you just know it’s not a couple from Iowa driving. The city and federal police have agreed to drive up and down in the middle of the lanes at the speed limit, or less, to force drivers to slow down.

Cardboard federal police cars will also be deployed and moved around. Local residents also want pedestrian crossings clearly marked and protected, and ped bridges or stoplights. So finally, we have a plan, and more in the works, to stop speeding on the road.

Pedestrian crossing on the fourlane? Well, let them try it, sounds like they need to get out of the gene pool anyway.

New store. Have you swung by the new Soriana Fresko grocery store in San Jose, next to Office Depot yet? If not, go take a look. It’s not a huge grocery store but the aisles are ample, it’s clean, and there are either enough cashiers or few shoppers, as it hasn’t been crowded. Best of all there aren’t any of those snotty nosed screaming kids running around this one.

Now the Soriana chain is about to break ground in Cabo San Lucas with another Fresko, this one in a lot next to Home Depot.

And what’s going on with the Ched Wowi Select we were promised would pop up next to the mall downtown Cabo? Ha! That’s not a popper. At the rate they’re going it will be several years before it opens. At this point all they’re doing is moving dirt to and fro, then to and fro again.

Check’s in the mail. Nearly $30 million of federal money has been allocated to us which we intend to spend on pavement and street lighting, among other things on our to do list. Genaro Ruiz, head of the state’s urban development agency, has stated that most of the money will go to impoverished neighborhoods behind the hills of Cabo San Lucas. What, you thought your neighborhood was going to get attention? No. You are a non-voting richy rich foreigner. Go to hell and wait your turn there.

Part of the federal loot will go to the roads in the northern part of the state, around Loreto and from San Carlos to La Purisima on the Pacific side. And the rest? Well, according to our President, 30% of all government money goes into someone’s pocket.

Dump news. The San Jose city dump at Palo Escopeta, on the road to the East Cape, will also be improved. How do you improve a dump? Is that anything like puttying lipstick on a pig? Or, put a different way, you can roll a dog turd in powdered sugar, but that don’t make it a donut.

The dump is too full now, and frequent fires erupt, sending not such good stuff into the air. Residents in Zacatitos, (nearly all of whom are foreigners), have been complaining about the pollution for years.

The city just does not have the equipment nor the expertise to put out these deep, persistent fires which are the result of spontaneous combustion when that icky dump stuff is broken down by bacteria. The fires are natural but they take an unnatural effort to contain.

Fake construction permit. Maybe. The construction permit for the Sofitel hotel at the entrance to San Jose near the Campestre beach club is bogus, said Alvaro Ramirez, former director of urban planning and development for the city. (Yes, Virginia, there’s such an agency in Los Cabos). And Ramirez added that his signature has been forged.

The Sofitel site used to be a trailer park, a haven for foreigners, pretty nice and orderly, with a great bar and restaurant. It was closed and the land cleared many years ago and has been sitting empty ever since. Really a tragic loss for everyone.

The day after the news broke, Ricardo Carrillo, spokesman for the Sofitel hotel, went into denial mode.  Said Carrillo: “we do have a construction permit, approved not by the former but by the current administration,” – which took over last September. Well, then let’s all take a look at it. Is this going to be one of those, “I don’t gotta show you no stinkin’ papers” situations?

Meanwhile construction continues.

Sexual assault! Officials have kicked dogs off the Malecon in La Paz but now the problem is hit and run dogs.

Last week, a pitbull jumped from the bed of a passing pick-up truck and attacked a smaller, good looking female doggie, minding her own business, walking on a leash. Her owner frantically tried to pull them apart, while the pitbull owner jumped out of his truck to stop his dog’s vicious sexual assault.

He interrupted the rape, but he got a nasty wound on his face, inflicted by his own dog. Wanna bet he’s one of these Mexican macho men who refuse to get their dogs neutered? Yeah, we’ll take that bet

Several weeks ago, after several dog attacks on people, people demanded the city government forbid dogs on the Malecon even on a leash. There have been vicious attacks against people by dogs even as they’re tethered on a leash.

Dog owners and those afraid of dogs protested on separate days, and the city dithered, doing nothing. But after this last assault, the voices to keep dogs off the Malecon have increased, and now the city is “analyzing” the situation.  They have promised to enforce the use of leashes in public, but that’s no good if the owner still gives the dog enough leash to attack, as has been the case.

The Todos Santos Pescadero beach has also been the site of numerous serious dog attacks. People know who owns the bad dogs but are afraid to do anything and the police will do nothing.