Que Pasa in Cabo?

January 7, 2019 Edition

Liga MAC regroups. The first 20 years of the grass roots charity held together by women from Mexico, U.S., and Canada have slowly imploded. After all these years, new volunteer leadership coming in managed to drive away most of the volunteers so Liga MAC was no longer capable of attending to so many community needs.

They had raised tens of thousands of dollars, spending it wisely on three programs: basic needs, medical aid and student scholarships.

Now, those left of them have re-trenched, focusing only on scholarships. Liga MAC was the tent pole holding up the shelter over those who needed help the most. They will be missed by many.

Message from Cabo. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to calm consumers by consulting with executives of the nation’s six largest banks after markets reached disastrous lows, in part due to President Trump thrashing around out there trying to figure out how to fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

Sipping a margarita while sitting under a palapa in a resort in Cabo San Lucas, the treasury secretary released a statement claiming that each bank had “ample liquidity” to lend to consumers and boasted of “strong economic growth in the US economy.”

But this is what torque’s our jaw: The US press kept talking about Stevie Boy being in a “Mexican resort”. Hellloooo….our name isn’t Mexican resort, it’s Cabo San Lucas and it’s fine with us if that’s what you call us all over the United States.

Dining with a cause. The Sarahuaro foundation, established in 2005, announced its first annual fundraising gala dinner, “Let´s Make Magic,” at the hoity toity Montage resort.

It’s a cocktail reception with little cracker food, then dinner with live entertainment and dancing, finishing up with live auction and raffles, all on Saturday January 12, from 7:00 to 11:00 pm. Donations in US dollars per person are $125, or at the door: $150. VIP table for 10: $2,000. Tickets are available via the Eclectic Array trinket store behind Tanga Tanga in Cabo, in San Jose at the Montage resort, and Flora’s Farm. The mission of Sarahuaro is to help women and feed children in the most impoverished areas of Los Cabos. They foster change to women’s behavior, self-esteem, health and financial status, life skills, and work skills training. The group also operates The Children’s Kitchen Program since 2013, when they took over the Colonia Gastelum Elementary School Children’s kitchen that was about to be closed and would leave hundreds of children with no food during their entire school day. (Like they can’t pack a taco?)

Over the years the program has expanded and now has a far greater reach - currently Sarahuaro provides a healthy meal to more than 300 children every day.

Millions for Cabo San Lucas. The federal government will pitch us $34 million as part of an emergency support program to help 15 Mexican cities.

The dinero, said lady Mayor Armida Castro, will be used in the barrios to bring them drinking water, sewage, pavement and land titles. She also announced that she will work to obtain more federal funding to continue with a second phase. We think Armida needs a lesson in city management. You don’t bring them sewage, Honey, you take it away.

Look sharp. A tad before Christmas, our state’s tourism department invited two groups of professional travel agents from France and Italy to visit our state. Actually, they are invited to Los Cabos and La Paz, the Espiritu Santo island and Todos Santos. They also were invited to swim with whale sharks, enjoy the sunset sailing around Cabo’s famous arch, and visit several hotels and restaurants that cater to groups and conventions. We’ll tell you when they get here so you can roll out your welcome smile.

The agents were chosen through the Meca Group, one of the biggest tour operators selling Mexico as a tourist destination in France, Italy and the U.K.

Competition announced. This January 16 to 20, the La Ventana Classic tournament will take place in all three East Cape villages known as La Ventana, EL Sargento and Los Planes, near La Paz. The competition includes kiteboarding, windsurfing and SUP events to raise money for the local school children. This isn't a huge prize money event, although the competition can be fierce. It's a charity event to raise money for local kids so they can go to school. The serious kiters don’t come here anymore, they weren’t getting so much wind these days. Climate change? All money, beyond costs of running the event, will go directly to the Amigos de Alumnos for high school scholarships and to help local students in La Ventana, El Sargento, and Los Planes continue their education. Although the cost to attend high school is only $300 U.S. annually per student, this cost is a big tope on the highway of life for many Mexican families, stopping many bright and motivated young people from attending school past the mandatory 6th grade.  Information: www.laventanaclassic.com and in Facebook/LaVentana Classic

NatGeo chooses us. We are chosen to be among the best five beaches to visit this year. The magazine/tour company mentioned Los Cabos attractions such as our gastronomy, weather and luxurious resorts. Other areas on the list are the island of Cozumel and the Mayan Riviera, as well as Puerto Escondido and Huatulco in southern Mexico, but who cares about them?

Kardashian visit. News that rattled around the supermarket tabloids was the December visit of Kourtney Kardashian who came to Cabo with her ex, Scott Disick and his new girlfriend Sofia Richie and Scott’s kid.

The threesome was photographed sunbathing together on lounge chairs at a resort and walking together on a beach. Hhhmmmm….They looked like they are on very good terms. Hhhhmmmm…… Why would the threesome vacay together? Just sayin’.

Famous singer does Cabo. Dua Lipa, the 23-yeard old singer, composer and model was in Cabo and allegedly stayed at the Ventanas al Paraiso resort. On her official Twitter account, Lipa tweeted “enjoying the sea of Cabo.” Well, she’s a Brit, what does she know about our geography?

She was in town with her boyfriend, model Isaac Carew. Lipa began her musical career at age 14 by singing in YouTube videos that went viral and was signed to write and sing her own creations by Warner Music. You Tube, the great equalizer where anyone can get a start with no money, and no risk. On You Tube you can watch the whole world go by.

And then, a celebrity of sorts is in town enjoying the holidays. Her name is Tami Oldham, author of the book Adrift, now a major movie. Tami and her husband, Ed Ashcraft, attended a Christmas boat cruise with the Los Cabos Tomatoes on board the Cabo Wave. They’re renting a condo from a Tomato member.

Now You See It, Now You Don't. Plans for the new desalinization plant are back on. Our new mayor, Armida Castro, tried to kill the deal that was cooking before she took office, but it would not die because there were too many commitments already in place. So now she's getting out in front of this and owning it. Reports that her name is going up on the building are premature.

But, she warns, it's not going to put water in your pila tomorrow. That's going to take work on our worn out water delivery system. No word on what's she's going to do about that, just that one day 3,000 families are going to benefit by the desalted water she tried her best to kill.

They're Trying, We'll Give Them That. The owners of the airport, with the major stockholder being our major developer, is trying to cope with a 15% increase in passengers year over year. We now have 41 direct destinations, and twice as many seats as seven years ago when we all still thought the airport was awesome.

With $17.5 million dollars invested this year, airport management is struggling to finish the addition to the international terminal and they're almost finished with the new parking lot. And they have bought a bunch of spiffy buses to haul us to the plane when there are not enough gates.

The departure lounge has become unmanageable, as often all chairs are taken and people are standing.

The Carl’s Jr. Is just going to have to try and keep up, because the trauma of that line is worse than standing, and, marginally worse than going hungry. People are standing around waiting to pounce on any chair vacated by some poor bastard who has to go to the bathroom, which will have an even longer line than Starbucks' or Carl’s Jr. There's even a long line for the check in kiosks, although there are helpful and nice attendants floating around, trying to keep it moving.

This is just one example of how infrastructure is struggling to keep up with all the new building of tourist facilities on the Corridor. Do you want to ask again where are the people who will fill all those hotels?

"If they build it they will come", seems to work just fine.

Mom & Dad Are Quarreling. And we Uber riders are caught in the middle.

The Governor, a member of the Pan party, is trying to get the ride hailing law  recently mandated by the supreme court regularized by our state congress, but congress is controlled by the Moreno party. Twice the congress has put the vote off, once because ironically, the congressmen couldn't get to the state house because of a taxi strike going on.

Meanwhile our mayor, a member of the Morena party, swears up and down she's not OK with the taxistas who are ambushing the Uber drivers. This, after saying, "I don't know why people are surprised I'm against Uber, I ran on that platform".

Through all this, we're all taking Uber and loving it.

Twin Dolphins golf course opens. It’s called the Twin Dolphins because it sits on land that once has the famous hotel on it. Gone now, sigh. The new surrounding development, created by Ohana Real Estate Investors, includes Maravilla Los Cabos, a private residential community; Montage Los Cabos, a deluxe 122 room beachfront hotel opened June 1; and Montage Residences, totaling 52 two and three bedroom turnkey units.