Que Pasa in Cabo?

March 19, 2018

Big day! Daylight Savings starts on Sunday, April 1st at 2:00 am in Baja California Sur. Yes, that’s April Fool’s Day but, no, we’re not joking.

Remember to set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night, or you’ll be late for church, or breakfast, or, heaven forbid, golf. Maybe skip the golf this Sunday, it’s Easter Sunday. This Sunday is the trifecta.

More flights Starting Tuesday April 3, Calafia Airlines, one of our regional airlines, will be offering twice a week flights between Loreto, Los Cabos and Guadalajara.

Our own San Jose international airport will offer flights to Loreto on Tuesdays leaving at 2:55 pm, arriving in Loreto an hour later, and Saturdays leaving at 1:10 pm, arriving in Loreto, again, one hour later.

Flights from Guadalajara will leave at 1:50 pm and Saturdays at 12:05 pm. For more information an reservations, visit www.calafiaairlines.com or drop by their sales office right around the corner from Office Depot in Cabo. Don’t feel stupid if you can’t make their site work, it’s never worked. You will have to go in person.

Wouldn’t it be fun to fly to Loreto in one hour? Sure beats the six hour drive.

Speaking of the airport… Our very own San Jose International Airport was among 16 airports that will receive the Airport Service Quality 2017 award. This is the first time the airport has won the award, which is run by the International Airports Council.

To be eligible for the annual ASQ awards, an airport must have participated in the ASQ survey every month of the year. The survey must be carried out in strict accordance with the airport’s sample plan, developed by the airport council, which guarantees a representative sample of the flights, destinations and passenger groups served by the airport. ACI regularly audits participating airports to ensure compliance and to validate the results. Watch for cheaters, is what they mean.

Grammy winner coming to Cabo Former Todos Santos resident Todd Clouser and Grammy winner Jesse Harris will be the stars of An Intimate Los Cabos Concert: Songs and Stories from New York City and Mexico City. This event with the ridiculously long name is a benefit for Liga MAC. The date is Friday, April 6 at The Shoppes at Palmilla.

Guitarist Todd Clouser is a former member of the rock band 4 Letter Man. Clouser relocated to Todos Santos in 2006 before forming the Love Electric band, which he has toured the world with for the past few years. Free Admission.

 Another new resort It will be the fourth one from the Villa Group in Los Cabos and will be named Villa la Valencia. The 260-suite property will include studios and villas with one to three bedrooms floorplans and penthouses. It will also feature a reef inspired pool, a lazy river with margarita stands along the way (yes, please), four restaurants, a gym and a spa.

Construction has already begun on the fourlane Cabo-San Jose, near the Solaz, LeBlanc and Grand Velas resorts. It is expected to be finished in two years.

Keep saving the sea turtles The Travel Channel named Los Cabos as one of the 10 top vacation spots where you can help animals, naming the Hilton Los Cabos’ sea turtle program as the reason why. Trained staff at the Hilton patrol 10 miles of beach daily during sea turtle nesting season and relocates nests to a protected corral that holds 300 nests. From July through November, guests can watch almost daily as baby turtles are released into the ocean. Guest revenue funds the program.

Why the Travel Channel singled out this resort, we’re not sure, since most hotels along the Los Cabos shoreline take part of the city’s turtle protection program, headed by biologist Graciela Tiburcio. And just outside of Cabo, on the way to Todos Santos, is Asupmatoma, a non-profit organization that monitors 300 nests at Rancho San Cristobal and another 400 at their Suspiro Beach site every year. Turtle protection has become very political in the last few years, with war for dollars turf, and recognition.

And, hey, we love turtles as much as the next person, but what about a hats off to all the foreign run animal shelters we have? Doesn’t that help us into the top 10 resorts that are critter friendly? Like we said, turtles have turned political.

Attention, foodies! La Comer (formerly Mega) is bringing us another big grocery store, this time in San Jose, near Palmilla.

It will be one of the chain’s Fresko stores (they already have 10 over on the mainland) and will carry imported and gourmet food items. Looks like La Comer is trying to compete with the new upscale Chedraui Selecto, which opened last year near the roundabout in San Jose. The new Fresko Comer will be in the back of the parking lot that houses the Office Depot store and the Treasures furniture store, north side of the fourlane. The building is under construction now.

Humane Society sets record The Los Cabos Humane Society has changed the way it does business (yes, it is a business), part of a concerted effort to get more of its animals adopted. They’ve streamlined their adoption process so families no longer have to wait weeks before they can take their new furry family member home.

First, all animals that are ready for adoption are immediately spayed and neutered. Second, once an animal has been chosen by a family, the Humane Society does a home visit to make sure the animal will be happy in its new environment. The home visits are completed within 48 hours. And then within 48 hours of the home being approved, the animal receives a final vet review and then is ready to go to its new home.

The new process took effect at the beginning of the year and is already successful. In January, they had 37 dogs and cats adopted, which is a significant increase for them. Well, they’re going to have to do better than that if our boss is going to relieve them of any more cats. She was insulted that her home had to be inspected. Next cat up (that one met an early and bad end), she found on Craig’s list, drove out, kept her motor running, made the deal, carried it out on the spot, and tossed it into the car. Come to think of it, maybe the Humane Society had a good plan, checking her out.

Saying “I do” to Los Cabos This April, 450 wedding planners from around the world will be in Cabo for the annual Destination Wedding Planners Convention. The shindig will be held at the International Convention Center in San Jose, which is finally open again after the brand new building was abandoned immediately following APEC in 2002, then suffered serious damage by Hurricane Odile in 2014. It still looks like a slum out there, aren’t we going to fix it? If we could attract conventions it would be good for all the businesses in Cabo. But our city doesn’t know how to rent it out and is unwilling to turn it over to a professional foreign booking company. So it sits.

The wedding planners will be touring Los Cabos’ beaches, golf courses and tourist attractions. This event alone will bring in some $4 million to the area, and if the wedding planners like us, way more.

El Triunfo museum gets updated The Cultural Center of El Triunfo, that quaint little town an hour south of La Paz, is getting its cultural center remodeled (including new and improved bathrooms). The cost for this project is $160,000 and is almost half finished right now.

The center will begin hosting various art workshops for kids, teens and adults for the more than 1,000 residents of El Triunfo and nearby rural areas. El Triunfo is the little town that thinks it can become the next art center of Southern Baja. Look out, Todos Santos.