Que Pasa In Cabo?

October 16, 2017 Edition

Bye bye bad cops Around 300 city and state cops throughout Baja California Sur are getting the axe this month, according to the secretary of state.

The cops getting fired are losing their jobs because they flunked the confidence tests, which includes polygraph tests, antidoping and participation in other stupid behavior to determine whether they are honest, trustworthy and don’t have any connection to organized crime.

If the state does not get rid of them, the federal government can stop sending funds for the police academy, uniforms, police vehicles, surveillance cameras and equipment.

So far, 130 cops have been fired; the first to get fired are always the worst in the police corps. Some are getting organized to fight their dismissals in courts.

However, because of the low pay, (about $1000 a month), and the danger involved with the job, they are having a difficult time recruiting more police.

But there’s good news! Mayor Arturo De La Rosa has made a bargain with the secretary of the interior to keep 180 federal gendarmes here until the end of his administration. They were scheduled to leave in December. The more cops the merrier, we say, since we’re having a hard time hiring and maintaining local police.

What’s next for Cabo? Nearly 900 new hotel rooms are opening this year. That number includes rooms at the already-opened Chileno Bay, Grand Velas and Krystal, and the new Le Blanc and Grand Solmar’s Rancho San Lucas resorts, which will open by the end of the year.

More resorts will open next year, reaching a total of 4,353 new rooms in just two years. Coming soon are: Solaz, located on the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose; Montage, which should open early next year with 122 rooms and suites, plus 52 residences, on Santa Maria beach; Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos, opening in Dimante with 600 rooms, 6 restaurants, several pools and a 54,000 square foot meeting room; Ritz Zadun, which will be inside Puerto Los Cabos in San Jose, with 115 suites and villas, many with private pools; Garza Blanca, located on the tourist corridor; Four Seasons Los Cabos, with a private marina gouged out of the beach within the Costa Palmas development in La Ribera on the East Cape.

And last but not least, Park Hyatt hotels just announced a project to build a 162-room and villas resort in Los Cabos, at a location They’re keeping secret at this point.

Sea turtles love it here National Geographic recently listed Los Cabos as one of the nine places where sea turtles love to nest and lay their eggs. Like the article says, “Sea turtles have great tastes in beaches. All seven species need sandy, wide, and warm beaches not for relaxing, but for laying their clutches that typically number one hundred eggs.”

Sea turtles don’t have it easy, though, as they are increasingly being forced to share those beaches with humans. Hilton Los Cabos is one local resort doing what it can to protect the sea turtles. From July through November, the resort staff moves freshly laid eggs to a corral that can hold up to 300 eggs, protecting them from beach traffic and poachers. When the eggs hatch, trained staff gather the babies and release them into the surf to the delight of resort guests. This greatly increases a hatchling's odds of surviving to adulthood in that big spooky pond out there. There are a lot of predators in the sea looking for a small snack like a baby turtle.  And where is mama turtle? Long gone. She hatches and runs.

In related news… The Hyatt Ziva and the sea turtle protection program of Los Cabos released one turtle that’s had a satellite transmitter clamped onto its shell, which will monitor her travels.

The hotel’s staff paid for the transmitter by collecting and selling recyclable materials, arts and crafts created by themselves and some raffles. The adult Olive Ridley sea turtle was named Ziva, which means “brilliant/radiant.”

Usually, sea turtles born in Los Cabos travel all the way to Japan, and then come back when it’s time to lay their eggs. You can follow Ziva’s travels here: http://www.seaturtle.org/tracking/?tag_id=166440

No visas needed? For some people. Mexico’s lower chamber of congress approved changes to the country’s immigration laws and will now allow tourists on “medical tourism” trips to enter the country without a visa.

A medical certificate will be the only thing they need. The bill still needs approval by the senate, but is expected to go through. Medical tourism generates an estimated $100 billion USD in revenue and is growing at a pace of 25% a year, according to the bill’s promoter. More than one million foreigners, mostly from the U.S., traveled to Mexico to have some kind of medical procedure done.

Good luck getting this break, however. Your airline collects the money in your ticket and if you try to get it back, most airline personnel don’t even know what you’re talking about. They don’t understand the money is buried in your ticket. You will need to go high up the food chain, while waiting on hold for a long time. The money you’re fighting tooth and nail for is about $20 US. Consider this possible new law for show only, and for most people useless.

Was it a lovers spat? People called 911 to alert authorities to a man, apparently in distress, who was asking for help from atop the hill that’s across the street from the Costa Azul vista point. When the firemen showed up to rescue the guy, they saw that he was completely naked.

Using a basket, ropes and a towel to cover his private parts, the firemen were able to bring him down from the hill. The man walked away from the incident unharmed (except for his wounded pride). At least now he has a new towel to show off when he brags about his “incident.”

The man said he lived on the hill, but didn’t give any additional details as to how he ended up there in the first place. Maybe a girlfriend kicked him off the balcony?

Another day, another mega yacht The most recent mega yacht to grace Cabo with its presence was the Vava II, a 318-foot super yacht commissioned by Swiss entrepreneur Ernesto Bertarelli for his wife and former UK beauty queen, Kirsty Roper. The couple married in 2000, and have three children. They live in Gstaad and also spend time in their house on the shores of Lake Geneva. Geez, what a rough life.

The Vava II was launched in 2009. When built, she was claimed to be the largest British-built super yacht. It cost $120 million to build.