Que Pasa in Cabo?

September 4, 2017 Edition

Grocery store coming to downtown Cabo And it's about damn time. We've been suffering with only Aramburos, a very poor excuse for a grocery store. They were never great, having a pretty mas o menos selection which they sold at inflated prices. When the big box stores and the big grocery chains finally discovered us, you didn't need to stick a fork in them to know they were done.

But now the Puerto Paraiso mall is expanding to include a Ched Wowi! That may not be the chosen spelling for it, but now you at least know how to pronounce it. It's the store chosen for the new addition to the mall, which will be built behind the new six story hotel on that empty lot next to the front door.

Chedrauri is actually a popular nationwide chain, and they like to carry a lot of American products that are favorites of our precious readers.

Oh, the huge new hotel we just glossed over? More on that later; watch this space.

Mexico gets a new record At the hands, or rather lungs, of Southern Baja free diver and national champion Estrella Navarro. She won first place in the Roatan 2017 World Competition, held recently on Roatan island in Honduras, by diving to a depth of 243 feet without using any equipment.

Free diving is a form of underwater diving that relies on divers' ability to hold their breath until resurfacing rather using a breathing apparatus such as scuba gear.

Real estate still going strong Los Cabos closings in July were up 70% in revenue compared to July 2016. And the number of transactions has increased by more than 30%. It sounds like a lot of people are going to be getting some new neighbors soon.

We did it! Remember in the last issue when we told you about how the workers repaving the fourlane from Cabo to San Jose were just dumping the leftover asphalt into the arroyo that leads to Medano Beach? All that soft asphalt was just sitting piled up, waiting to be washed down to the beach with the next rain. And it did rain that weekend. A gully washer, it was, capable of washing all that asphalt into the ocean.

But luckily, that Friday, after Bill Stein sent us the picture of the mess, yours truly sent the picture on to the proper authorities at city hall. At this point, the city took over management of the wandering asphalt, and men with dump trucks and skip loaders charged out there and hastily picked it all up, hauling it away to God knows where.

The city hall folks told me that if more people contacted them with their complaints and concerns instead of posting them on Facebook, more corrections could be quickly made. What, you’re going to get us to believe the bureaucrats at city hall don’t spend a good portion of their work day Facebooking?

Palapa Society school opens The new Palapa Learning Center in Todos Santos opened a few weeks ago. The day kicked off with students and parents being introduced to the staff, and then students played Ice Breaker Bingo.

The teachers conducted a question and answer session about the school. At the conclusion, students toured the new campus.

With the new Palapa Society campus now open, the Wednesday afternoon children’s art class is ready to start up again.  This year’s class will begin on November 1st, meeting weekly from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Interested students can sign up for class now. Classes are free to children ages 6 and up and class size is limited to 16 students.

But wait, there’s more! The Palapa Society’s Elena Poniatowska Library will open on November 11, and their 11th annual tianguis (market) will take place on November 25, at a location to be announced at a later date.

But wait, there’s still more! But it’s just as boring, so never mind.

We’re #1! Besides in teen pregnancy. The Los Cabos office of natural resources and wildlife came in first at the recent Prizes for a Green Latin America event. We won first place in the “Program for protection, conservation and research of natural resources and wildlife” category.

Patrols coming to Medano Beach The Port Captain, who’s working with the Navy, has designated two areas of the beach for small vessels, like water taxis, to patrol the beach. One of these is located between Mango Deck and Casa Dorada resort. A second one goes from Billygan’s restaurant (which is next door to The Office) to Andromeda Divers.

All watersports vessels - glass bottom boats, water taxis, pump-em-up bananas, surfboards, SUP boards, kayaks, etc. – park in the remaining designated areas. Got it? Good, observe it.

Have an ambulance you can spare? Calling all local foreigners and local Mexicans, (that just about covers it, we reckon), living in the El Pescadero area. The lone ambulance they have in Pescadero is out of commission, leaving its 3000 residents hitching a ride if they have a stroke or break a leg.

Local expat Kimberley Gutierrez is willing to drive one down from the U.S. or Canada if someone knows of an extra ambulance available. And she wouldn’t mind if someone wanted to ride shotgun and make the trip with her. If you’re interested, you can reach her through me here at the Gringo Gazette, david@gringogazette.com.

We’re working for you. Last issue we told you how the Koral Center/El Merkado out by the Pemex on the fourlane was suffering this off season and couldn’t pay their bills. We implored you to eat there so they don’t go out of business. Well, enough people read that, that they are now at least promising to start making payments. Can’t tell me advertising here in these pages doesn’t help. We especially recommend eating at the oyster bar upstairs. Stay tuned, next issue we’ll bring you another report on the state of their balance sheet. Until then, keep feeling sorry for them, push, push. Apparently you’re helping.

Last minute deal. There are four spots left on a small dive boat cruising up the Sea of Cortez for five days starting September 22. And, you don’t have to be a diver, you can snorkel and kayak instead. We’re close enough now to know there isn’t going to be a hurricane but the water is still a nice 85 degrees, making this a perfect time for this trip. The last two spots are going about half price, selling at just under $1000. They are also going Oct 11 but that will set you back more. Email info@panterra.com, visit panterra.com/sea-of-cortez-dive-expedition/ or call 800-665-6639 or 250-655-1915.