Que Pasa in Cabo?


Cabo  merchants mad as hell. About 150 business owners in downtown Cabo San Lucas make up an association known as Amigos de Cabo San Lucas. They say they have been patient, but are now pressuring both the state and city governments to finish the damn street remodeling already. It started  a year and a half ago, and was supposed to be completed in five months. Let’s see, we’re no mathematician but that would be a promised completion data of about, well, you know. A long time ago.

Sure, a lot of work was accomplished, but they can’t seem to get it finished, and street work is like taking a poop. The job isn’t complete until the paperwork is done.

Most Mexicans do not understand that Gringos are used to walking on safe, well sculpted curbs, not the helter skelter pavement we have in Mexico, and these fussy Gringos are not in the habit of looking   down when they walk around. They trust that the pavement is just going to be magically be there.

Take the stretch known as par vial, for example, which runs along Lazaro Cardenas Ave. running  from the entrance to Cabo to Squid Roe, and along  Marina Blvd. Par vial still has the old light and telephone poles, which were supposed to go underground. There are dangerous bolts popping out of the curb that were left when some poles were removed, some of which are responsible for ugly cuts on visitor’s feet. So, why can’t somebody just go out there with some bolt cutters or a hack saw and saw off the four inches of bolts protruding from the sidewalk? Because Mexicans just don’t care about those sort of esthetics and don’t understand why Gringos care. “Pick up their feet”, is what they think. Different culture.

Last week, Carlos Tinoco, president of the Amigos de Cabo San Lucas Ass. invited city government honcho Martin Salinas, and his urban planning team (yes, we do have one of those), to walk the renovated streets, and take an inventory of construction errors, and all the pending items to be completed or corrected. Their list is of dubious use, however, since the construction company has moved on, and is now working the streets of Todos Santos. Neither the state nor city officials seem to have any pull to bring them back to finish the job in Cabo. They are, though, working closely with the power company (CFE), the agency responsible for removing light poles from the historic downtown street, and turning on the underground power. That should be done by the end of this month.

As for the stuff pending items on Lazaro Cardenas Ave., well, that was done by a previous administration, and there is no budget to finish it, since the outgoing administration traditionally takes the entire kitty with them.  The association will now have to work with the new governor, who takes office in September, and ask him for funding to finish the job.

Former city officials on the lam. The state attorney general’s office issued a warrant for the arrest of Gerardo Manriquez, former Los Cabos treasurer, and the former director of internal revenue, Susana Burgoin, on charges of conspiring in the theft of nearly a quarter million dollars of the city’s treasury on the night of January 31 this year.

The huge amount of money that was  in the safe has been explained away as it was the last day to pay property taxes with a discount and many people showed up with cash.

 At first, it appeared that the burglars had surprised the only policeman on watch, tied him up, and broke through seven doors to get to the safe. But, state investigators recently stated that although the doors had been damaged, the safe had not been screwed with. The damage to the safe had been done from inside, not outside. In other words, this caper was an inside job, not an outside job, is anyone surprised? Of course not.

Raul Orozco, the cop who had supposedly been taken by surprise, later confessed the robbery was planned and orchestrated by Manriquez, Burgoin and city councilman Victor Ortegon. Officer Orozco said in his confession that he had been offered nearly $7,000 and a guaranteed position for life in the police corps for allowing this to transpire. Although Orozco claims his confession was made under torture, the state issued warrants and continues the investigation. Of course it was made under torture, the police routinely torture all suspects. They are even water boarding Americans these days.

But, this guy didn’t think this caper would be investigated as much as it has been, so he wasn’t worried about water boarding

Manriquez and Burgoin resigned their positions “to allow a fair investigation,” but disappeared from sight almost immediately. They are still at large, although an amparo, a legal injunction to prevent them from going to jail while the investigation continues, was issued, and those are not given for no reason. The state attorney general considers them both fugitives and have asked other states to help find them and bring them to justice. Lame duck mayor Antonio Agundez has repeatedly said that he was not involved in the theft, he knows not where the dinero went,  and that the money was not given to his brother for his campaign for mayor, although, like nobody, is even believing him.

Starwood bringing it again to Cabo. A new hotel, named Solaz Los Cabos, which is part of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts, opens June 15 of way next year.. The new mixed use resort is slated to offer 131 rooms, including eight luxury suites, and a presidential suite, as well as 18 residences, several restaurants, and a huge spa and gym. The hotel is to be located within the beachfront Sheraton Hacienda resort on the fourlane. Starwood operates more than 1,200 hotels in 100 countries under the brands St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, Westin, Le Meridien, Sheraton, Four Points, W Hotels, Sheraton, Aloft, and Element. And just why do they need so many alias? Even Butch Cassiday only had one. We’re just asking.

Sewer system set up. The San Jose water agency, (Oomsapas), has notified residents of the barrio El Rincon de la Playa, which is near the marina, that sewage pipes have been laid and are ready to take their, uh, bad water. There will be no more septic tanks – homeowners are now required to go to the Oomsapas office and apply to get their properties connected. Sewer pipes are planned for other nearby barrios like Animas Bajas, Animas Altas, La Choya, San Vicente, as the sewage pumping system is in place and ready to start pumping. Gentlemen, start your pumps!

Travel site loves us. A Baja resort was singled out as  the world’s best for romance by Jetsetter.com, a members-only travel site. Oh, the resort name, yes. It is the one with the ridiculous name of the One & Only Palmilla.  Palmilla beat out two finalists, the Cocoa Island in the Maldives, and the Hotel Dupond-Smith in Paris. The Palmilla self-promotes as existing for the “global jet-set.” A jetsetter.com spokesperson said the nomination was the result of the Palmilla reopening its doors in April this year, saying that “after being closed for several months,  (seven), due to damage from 2014’s Hurricane Odile, honeymooners and bighearted travelers everywhere breathed an enormous sigh of relief.” Yeah. Like we have no other nice hotels for “honeymooners and bighearted travelers”. Who writes this stuff? People who are on the payroll of these snooty hotels, and newspapers and magazines in the United States who are to lazy to come down here and investigate pick this shit up and print it like it’s gospel about the second coming.

Baja Cantina forced out. The one on the beach, that is. The popular beach restaurant, possibly the best one on Medano beach, must find new digs due to a rent increase by Cabo Villas, the timeshare resort that holds the lease. Baja Cantina Beach owner Jorge Gonzalez and his team are looking for a new place to move to, in either Cabo or San Jose. In addition to the beach restaurant, the Baja Cantina Group operates the Baja Cantina Marina restaurant, and the Maria Corona Mexican restaurant in downtown Cabo. Too bad cause now the greedy landords are going to jack up the rent so high the next restaurant is going to have to jack up the prices to the levels of the other places on the beach.

Celebrity I do’s. How to Get Away With Murder and Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Charlie Weber, was married in Cabo under a veil of secrecy. So secret that to date, no celebrity magazines have published the bride’s name or photo. Weber, 36, who has always lived a pretty low-key personal life, previously announced he was planning to wed in Bora Bora. So we don’t know the name of his bride. To tell you the truth, we don’t even know who the hell this Charlie guy is. Ask me if we care. Go on, ask me. Too shy? No, I don’t give a damn. But some of our precious readers do, so here it is, the Charlie guy married some chick.

Lockout at Palmilla Beach. But only briefly. Locals who enjoy the Palmilla beach in San Jose discovered a chain across the entrance, erected in an attempt to close it off. Not only that, but security guards were questioning anyone who even tried to enter. When word got out, Palmilla condo association manager Juan Aguilar explained that parking spaces at the arroyo had been taken over by Palmilla employees, who prevented local and foreign visitors to find a parking spot. He failed to indicate if the offending employees were from the Palmilla resort, or the homes and condos in the development. But, situation was averted when the employees were redirected to a different area, and parking became available again.