Que Pasa in Cabo?

June 12, 2017

No olvidar. That’s Mexi speak for “don’t forget”. On Sunday, June 25, the 4th Annual Dog Surf Contest will take place at Cerritos Beach, located some 40 minutes from Cabo on the road to Todos Santos. The event proceeds will benefit local dog rescue in Pescadero, a nearby oceanside town. The competition starts at 9:30 am and it’s a fun, great photo opp. Keep turning the pages to read our story on the event.

We have a winner! Well, actually we have two. The state’s tourism honcho, Genaro Ruiz, announced that two companies have been selected to operate and promote the Los Cabos Convention center, as well as the La Paz convention center.

One is Ifema, the institution of fairs in Madrid, Spain, and the other is Actidea from Mexico City.

Ifema has 30 years of experience and is considered the top event organizer in Spain and one of the best in Europe, while Actidea has 20 years of experience in organizing large, high-level events.

Now that the two companies have been selected, the next step is to get the contract signed and proceed with the repairs and equipment installation on both centers.

Uh, not to be a wet blanket, but just what are they going to organize? We need someone who can call on mostly American companies and sell our convention  space to them for their conventions. Sigh.

And are winners! Los Cabos was selected to host the 5th Annual Destination Wedding Planners Convention, which will be in April of next year.

This is the world’s largest business-to-business convention for the destination wedding industry, and will bring together over 600 wedding professionals from more than 65 countries.

350,000 couples around the world tie the knot overseas every year, and according to recent stats, 9% of these were hosted in Mexico. In the last five years’ destination weddings have increased by 50% in Mexico.

Second things first. Our state legislators decided last November that they will take an additional 350 pesos, about 20 Gringo bucks, from foreign visitors. They just haven't figured out what means they will employ to get it from you guys.

But, they have given a lot of thought to how they're going to spend this windfall, and here is their plan: The BCS Government will establish the State Infrastructure Development Trust which will guide how the money is divvied up.

The proceeds will be earmarked for use in education, public security, culture, and “others”. In addition, money will be doled out for the care of crime victims and in the health sector. Support will also be provided for employment, sport and agriculture. Oh, and let's not forget fishery development. They will get some of this money too.

And BTW, the Finance Secretariat would like an additional 90 days to determine the form of collection. As in, just how we’re going to wring it out of you guys.

Caboholics do good. Mariana Estrada and Maddie Corona, representing the Caboholics social/drinking gang, delivered a $2,300 USD donation to the Cabo San Lucas fire department.

The funds were raised during the Caboholics’ 6th annual convention earlier this year, and will be used to support the fire department’s children program. Here, local children are trained in firefighting, CPR and lifesaving techniques in the water, and are expected to become future volunteers. The youth group has grown from only 5 to 140 kids.

Cops headquarters in Cabo. Thanks to a land donation from local business people, the state police will have its own headquarters in Cabo, near Walmart.

It will also be a training center that can hold 100 future cops and crime technicians. The building will be finished this year and will save tons of money for the state, which had to house and transport future cops from all corners of the state to La Paz, our capital city.

The state cop corp has issued an open invitation for recruits, as we only have 250 of them and a total of 1,500 are needed.

Cabo joins eco competition. The Los Cabos agency for natural resources and wildlife has been selected as a finalist for the Green Latin America awards, an event that will take place this August in Ecuador.

Our city is competing in the Biodiversity and Fauna category with its program for the protection, conservation and research of natural resources and wildlife.

This would be another prize for Los Cabos’ biologist Graciela Tiburcio, who received the Mexico Award Of Ecological Merit in 2015. Tiburcio has also spearheaded the successful Sea Turtle Protection program in Los Cabos.

Land for workers. Several empty lots that had been awarded to needy families in the Leonardo Gastelum barrio, near the Cabo airport, were snatched back by the city because they were abandoned. The city will now give them to other needy families.

Lupita Saldaña, a state congress woman, said there is a need for 1,000 more lots. The Los Cabos government is negotiating with ejido land owners to acquire 500 acres of land from them. Ejido land is common land that’s owned by multiple owners, much like the Indian reservations in the U.S. It looks like there’s a lot of land in southern Baja to build homes on, but there isn’t. That land is all owned by Ejidos or individuals who own vast tracts and won’t sell. They want big bucks but developers of Mexican housing can’t pay big bucks for the land because their buyers are in the service industry and don’t earn big bucks.

Dining discounts coming. The Los Cabos restaurant association announced the “Cabo Come Asi” (Cabo Eats Like This) program will run for two weeks this month. Participating restaurants will be offering special menus with a 30% discount for locals.

Last year, 22 restaurants in San Jose and 18 in Cabo participated, and more are expected this year. The dates have not been released yet, but stay tuned to their Facebook page, Facebook.com/CaboComeAsi, for more info.

Get your coins ready. Some brainiac in city hall has come up with the idea to install parking meters in downtown Cabo and downtown San Jose.

A six month test of 106 coin bandits has been proposed for Cabo and if that goes well, they will be planted in San Jose as well. No word yet as to what they are looking for as far as a successful test goes. The charge will be about a 25 cents USD for every 15 minutes. There is no word on what the penalty for not paying will be.

At first thought, it sounds distasteful, but in San Jose most of the parking spots are taken up by City Hall workers who get there at 8 am, before the shoppers, and they loiter all day. In San Lucas, the majority of spots are taken by the marina workers who also arrive early, hogging the parking.

Parking meters are intended to keep parking spaces turning over frequently, in order to give shoppers a chance to find a spot. Maybe that's why it's our merchants ass. that is pushing for the meters.

San Jose resort wins award. The recently opened MarAdentro resort in San Jose was awarded the International Prize for the Best Exterior Construction, as part of the 2017 Prix Versailles.

The Prix Versailles is an international architecture award given to stores, hotels and restaurants.

Huh? We’ve always thought these types of awards are bought and paid for, and now we’re sure. We’re sure the prize patrol did not even come out and look at that monstrosity of a building. The facility is beautiful inside, even stunning, but the outside is butt ugly, imposing, neglected in the elegant design process, and very, very uninviting. Neighbors where very distressed when it was built. Bullshit to that award, which is now exposed as bogus.

OK, I’m done with my rant, moving on…

International film fest changes. Hugo Villa Smythe has been appointed the new director of Los Cabos International Film Festival. Smythe is the current General Director of Mexico City’s Film Commission, and has more than 30 years of experience as a producer, cinematographer, production advisor and government officer.

The Los Cabos International Film Festival is one of the top film industry events in Mexico, linking talent from the Mexican and Latin American industries with their American and Canadian peers. This year’s 6th film fest will take place November 8-12.

Five new flight routes launched. A new joint venture between Delta and Aeromexico means expanded service between Los Angeles and Los Cabos.

The airlines will also launch five new flights between the U.S. and Mexico: between Atlanta and Merida; Atlanta and Queretaro; Los Angeles and Leon; Seattle and Mexico City; and Portland and Mexico City.

Sam Simon does La Paz. The anti-poaching ship that hunts whale hunters, named Sam Simon in honor of the philanthropist who donated it to the Sea Sheperd organization in 2012, docked in La Paz last week.

It has been following white shark swimming grounds near our capitol city. The ship has also been recovering abandoned fishing nets in the Sea of Cortes, to help protect the already endangered vaquita, an endangered type of porpoise whose population is estimated to be only 30 to 40 animals.

Geeze, they’re doomed. The fishermen won’t stop using nets even now that they are paid to stay home. They are demonstrating and picketing and going out anyway. Doomed, I say.