Que Pasa in Cabo?

May 29, 2017 Edition

Wine helps the needy No, this is not another health tip. The Sheraton resort on the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose delivered a check for $8,600 USD to the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation last week.

The money was raised through the Sheraton’s annual wine and cheese party. The event was sponsored by several of the resort’s wine and cheese vendors. We did our part by drinking a chingo of the stuff.

New reality show for Cabo Bravo’s new show, “Invite Only Cabo,” was secretly filmed in Los Cabos and premiered on May 14. What? You didn’t watch it? That’s OK, you can see the full episodes on Bravo’s website.

The show stars celebrity barber Larry Sims. Sims, who’s responsible for Victoria Beckham’s iconic bob and counts Tracee Ellis Ross and Gabrielle Union as clients, invited six of his friends on a four-week getaway down south -- but here’s the catch: none of the guests knew each other.

If you want to catch the rest of the series (and why would you?) the show airs on Sundays at 8/9 Central.

Party around the corner! June 1st is Navy Day in Mexico, and as usual, we celebrate big time. There will be live music, folk dancing and food booths around the La Playita neighborhood, which is just past the San Jose marina.

It will be loud, with lots of cerveza being sold. Be there or be square!

BCS among the best states to live in. According to INEGI, Mexico’s statistics bureaucracy, our people in our Southern Baja state are among the longest living in the country.

Incredibly, Mexico City is also on the list, along with the states of Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca. Well, maybe smog isn’t so bad for us, after all. What if we’ve been wrong about that all these years? Maybe all that Mexico City smog sticks to our lungs and makes them hearty.

Money missing Nearly a quarter million dollars allocated by the federal government for training courses for our Southern Baja police is missing. The feds say that out of eight courses contracted for, there’s only evidence of two of them actually taking place. And those two were contracted directly without using the required bidding process. Add to that the $160,000 in uniforms not delivered. All missing money came from the feds, who are now investigating.

 Waterkeepers to help The international alliance known as Waterkeepers has invited the local Amigos de Cabo Pulmo conservation group to become their affiliates, which will surely bring in international aid in money and education. Congrats!

One more award to our hotels Pueblo Bonito Pacifica has been named the best golf and spa resort of 2017 by Great Golf magazine. Each year the U.K.-based travel and lifestyle magazine selects 100 of the world’s most exclusive golf courses. Pueblo Bonito’s course is at the top of 20 best golf and spa offerings.

Each course is nominated by journalists who have experienced the resort and golf facilities first- hand. Nice job those guys have.

The resorts are judged not only on their courses, but their service, level of comfort and facilities as well.

 Extinction alert! Officials from Mexico’s wildlife conservation program have announced the kit fox has joined the list of mammals in danger of extinction. Aww, poor foxes! They’re so cute.

Residents of the Vizcaino valley, which is up in northern BCS near Mulege, are reporting fewer sightings of kit foxes. The theory is, the decrease in its numbers is due to competition for food with gray foxes, coyotes and mountain lions. The little guys are being bullied.

Garbage truck repaired You don’t think this deserves a mention? It’s a big deal for the residents of Todos Santos, the quaint pueblo magico (magical village) located an hour north of Cabo. It is the town’s only trash truck, and it was hell, what Todos Santos residents went through disposing of their trash while their precious truck was out of service. And stinky. A stinky kind of hell. ,