Que Pasa In Cabo?

June 13, 2016 Edition

Sierras to be protected. CEMDA, the Mexican center for environmental rights (yes, Virginia, the environment has rights, too), sent a request to the Mexican government to declare the La Giganta and Guadalupe sierras as natural protected areas. The sierras have high environmental value due to the variety of the flora and fauna found in its 16,000 + sq. kilometers which include several oasis in La Purisima, San Isidro, Comondu and San Javier areas. All this is located north of the state’s capital city of La Paz, on the Pacific side. Illegal tree deforestation, cattle breeding, poaching and sale of the land have negatively affected the area, said CEMDA.

San Jose park remodel. Again. This will be the 3rd remodeling in the past 6 years, as it seems that every mayor, who holds office for 3 years, wants a different look. The downtown park used to feature graceful old growth trees, which were chopped down by a previous mayor, who converted the park to a concrete, shadeless gathering area for political and cultural events.

The old fountain that used to sit in front of City hall, empty and dirty, was demolished by another mayor.

Now Alberto de la Rosa, the current mayor, has hired the Altea group to design a dancing fountain that “should be an additional attraction for locals and tourists alike,” said Celestino Atienzo, a city councilman. Yup. Everyone’s going to flock down to the dancing fountain to watch the water perform, sure thing. Especially if it can do a little soft shoe, or at least a good tap dance. The fountain will be dancing for about 5 minutes 4 times a day. And the hope is of course that they will spend more time, (money), downtown at the surrounding stores, bars and restaurants.

Of course, the new project will be bought with our taxes, and nobody has said, so far, no, stop the remodeling, there are more important needs in town, such as proper schools, or even parking for downtown.

Fired city employees to be reinstalled.  A district judge ruled against the Mayor’s decision to fire more than 80 city workers, and gave him 24 hours to get them back to work. Oh, and pay for the salaries that they didn’t earn during the time they were out of a job these past seven months.

According to the judge’s ruling, the employees were not fired for under performing as claimed, but for political reasons, as they did not support Mayor de la Rosa in last year’s election.

Arturo Rubio, the workers’ attorney, said that if they are not given their jobs back, the Mayor would find himself in contempt and could be facing fines and even find himself out of employment. Yeah, right. That’s posturing, Artie, take your fee at taxpayer expense and go.

What will happen to those recently hired civil servants who covered those jobs for the past seven months will be interesting.

Surfers alert!

Starting Monday June 13 through the 18, Los Cabos will host the National children’s and juvenile surfing tournament. There will be bogie board and long board categories for both teens and children, the first in the country’s history. An estimated  120 surfers from a dozen Mexican states are expected, bringing along friends and families that will spend a load of money during their stay in our beautiful resort town.

The winners will participate in the International championship to be held in Peru, South America later this year. Kids as young as 4 years old and as old as 17 will compete to earn the top honors. The event will be held at Monuments beach, near The Cape resort in Cabo, and at Zipper’s beach in San Jose’s Costa Azul.

International Music Day festivities The annual Music festival 2016 version will take place on Saturday, June 18, in downtown San Jose, featuring more than 60 music bands on 20 different stages scattered around town.

This is our town’s participation in the world’s music day which is celebrated every June 21 throughout the world. Well, except in Muslim countries and those controlled by ISIS.

In our case, the fest will be held a few days earlier to ensure a massive attendance as in previous years. The event is free of charge and will last from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am, so show up early to listen to your favorite local bands. For additional information, look up: www.fiestadelamusica.net

Rancho Pescadero Guest Chefs Following their 2016 Culinary Guest Chefs events that began in April, this month the gorgeous Rancho Pescadero resort in, well, Pescadero, an up and coming area 40 minutes north of Cabo, is presenting Chef Josef Centeno.

The events, which include wine tastings and food pairings, will take place June 16-18 at the Rancho Pescadero hotel.

The next Guest Chef event will take place July 21-23, featuring Chef Jason Fox from San Francisco. For more information, contact Karla Caro, Ph. 612-135-5849 (Mexico) or

910-300-8891 (US), email: rancho1@ranchopescadero.com or look up: www.ranchopescadero.com

Feds pitch in for estuary. Mexico’s national water commission (Conagua) officials have met with the influential local business group known as the CCC (Los Cabos Coordinating Council) to analyze problems such as squatters on the edge of dry river beds (arroyos), whose lives and shabby homes are endangered during the hurricane season. They will be relocated, with the help of the city government, which is looking for less risky land. The Army and Navy will also pitch in with moving assistance. No, there is no Bekins in Mexico.

The arroyos will also be cleaned of the abundant garbage that has been tossed in there because in a flood it will be washed out into our pristine Sea of Cortes if not retrieved now.

Other Conagua officials will work with the newly formed group to save the San Jose estuary, which is constantly receiving discharge of sewage.

Raoul Chollet, the local representative of Fonatur, the federal agency that developed San Jose and the Cabo Marina, said recently that the discharge of sewage into the estuary is approved by Conagua and under control. He also said that Conagua is looking into building an additional sewage treatment plant, or expand the current one. Well, paint or get off the ladder, guys, the estuary is turning nasty.

Goats are getting deported.

Well, something like that. The more than 700 goats that call the island of  Espiritu Santo island, near La Paz, home, are being shipped back to several places on the mainland.

The work has been undertaken by Mexico’s national commission of protected natural areas (Conanp). The goats were introduced to the island, according to history, over a century ago by local pearl fishermen who brought along the goats for their own feeding and later abandoned them. These goats have turned into predators of local flora and have also deprived small animals of their main source of feeding. Need we say they have multiplied like, if not goats, then bunnies?.