Q&A With: Wayne And Tricia Bisbee

Yes, they’re those Bisbees, whose multi million dollar tournament just ended

Wayne Bisbee and Tricia Bisbee are the children of Bob Bisbee, who founded the Bisbees Black & Blue Marlin Tournament in 1982. The tournament has now been a family affair for more than 37 years. This year’s tournament recently finished, with more than 130 entries and a total purse of $3.5 million USD. Bob is retired and lives locally and in Californa, Wayne now runs the Bisbee, and Tricia runs the East Cape Bisbee.

bisbeet.jpgQ. When did you and your sister take over the Black & Blue Tournament?

A. In 1990, when our father, Bob, retired.

Q. The Black & Blue is the world’s richest tournament. What is the single biggest check written to one entry?

A. $3.9 million to the Bad Company crew.

Q. What was the biggest marlin caught in the last 37 years?

A. 993 pounds, caught in 1992 by Picante.

Q. What is the biggest marlin each of you have caught?

A. Wayne: 595 pounds in Panama.

Tricia: 375 pounds in Kona.  

Q. What are your favorite restaurants in Cabo?

A. Wayne: Baja Cantina

Tricia: Nick-San.

Q. How much time do the two of you spend in Cabo each year?

A. We spend at least two months a year here.

Q. What is the one thing that will benefit Cabo the most?

Wayne: Expanding the Cabo San Lucas Airport and adding flights from the USA.

Tricia: More services and recreational facilities for children.

Q. Both of you are big on supporting charities, and you each have your own special charity. Tell us about them.

A. Wayne: I am the founder and president of the Bisbee Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund. Our main project right now is saving the rhinos. I have a 1200-acre ranch where myself and a good friend of mine (who is a Navy Seal) arm and train rangers to hunt down poachers and protect the rhinos. This training camp is certified by the African government. I also raise rhinos on my ranch. I started out with a male and a female and now have five rhinos at the camp. I spend at least six weeks a year training the rangers

Tricia: I support the Green’s Scholarship Foundation, which was started by Doris Green. Every year we take 12 Los Cabos high school students with good grades who come from poverty-stricken families and we pay for their full college education. I also support the Los Cabos Children Foundation and give financial support to the children with leukemia and their families.

Q. How can people get more information about donating to your charities?

A. Go to BisbeeConservationFund.org

Q. Any plans for the future?

A. Wayne: In about six months, I’m going to start a billfish tagging service. Unlike the old tags which, are a set of numbers that tell you when the billfish was caught, these tags will be outfitted with smart chips, which will collect data throughout their journey. When caught again, this information can be downloaded into a computer. It will allow people throughout the world to have access to this information. I hope to have these smart tags available around the world in the near future. GPS tags are now on the market, but they cannot be used on billfish. Unlike sharks, which swim near or on the surface, allowing the signal to transmit to a satellite, billfish swim too deep and rarely stay on the surface. In 2018, all fish caught and released in the Bisbee tournaments in Cabo will have these new smart tags.

Q. Any final words for our readers?

A. Fishing is about fun and family.