Popular Local Restaurant Ends Renovation

And celebrates with a party


After completion of this summer's renovation to his Los Cabos landmark Marina restaurant location, Brian Solomon extended a city-wide invitation of all-night free margaritas at his Wednesday, October 2 grand re-opening of Solomon's Landing Restaurant. The festive party included 50 percent off all dinner entrees and a 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. live music performance by Lisa Saunders and her Caborado band. 

The half-off menu items applied all day during breakfast and lunch and during the evening celebration, Brian thanked everyone in attendance, "it is you – who have made us who we are," he said.

And what Solomon's Landing is, has been one of the finest restaurants in the Los Cabos Southern Baja Calfornia Region. Known for its delicious food and friendly service, Solomon's menu contains a dizzying array of tasty dishes that includes; the freshest crab cakes, a Ceviche combo large enough for two, fresh fish sandwiches, the Mexican cheeseburger with avocado, Solomon's sandwich (grilled shrimp, mushrooms, cheese on a fresh-baked baguette) and the freshest fish catch of the day.

Solomon's Landing is one of the most popular restaurants in town that attracts customers who always visit during their return trip vacations to Cabo. The table-side Caesar salad and chicken parmigiana are pretty hard to make exciting but considered excellent by happy patrons.

Brian Solomon's Restaurants was formerly located in San Diego, California when in 1990, during a Cabo fishing trip with some friends when there wasn’t much around at the time, Brian and his friends came down to San Lucas and he discovered a small taco bar on the newly built Marina. 

After seeing that little taco place in Cabo San Lucas, Brian decided that he found the perfect place for a new restaurant and he eventually plunked down the money and bought that little place on the marina and turned it into more than just a taco bar. Magically transforming it into Solomon's Landing.