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High and Low Season in Los Cabos

When do High Season and Low Season take place in Los Cabos? High Season is from October to May. Low season is July to mid-September. We’re heading into “high season” here in lovely Los Cabos, or if you’re a timeshare owner, into Red time. How does high, low season or red, white time season impact tourists?

Basically, the terms refer to demand, how many tourists are coming to visit our beautiful area. When the weather gets colder back home, more people want to come to enjoy our warmth and sunshine. When the weather is nice at home, fewer people come to visit.

If you’re a timeshare or vacation club owner, you likely have restrictions on when you can use your time based on the type of contract you signed. Generally, 'white' time is off-peak, from June through September. Your purchase price for these times was less than if you purchased ‘red’ time, which can be used at any time of the year.

So what’s the best time to visit Los Cabos? It all depends on what events, activities you enjoy and your budget. Historically, the most popular times to visit is obviously high season, but there are enjoyable activities, events to partake in whenever you decide to visit.

Since the high season is right around the corner, Los Cabos is beginning to ramp up for the crowds. October through May is the official high season, our temperatures begin to drop from sometimes sweltering highs of the summer. Resort and hotel rates begin to climb.

The world-famous Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore Charity Fishing Tournament is October 17 through October 20 this year. This will be the 38th Annual Bisbee Offshore. Bob Bisbee created this successful, annual tradition. He and some of his friends had an idea to create a tournament with golf-style Calcutta rather than the traditional grand prize. Additional fishing tournaments in October are the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament October 13 through the 17 and the month ends with Bisbee's Black & Blue Tournament October 22 through October 26.

So if you enjoy high stakes and incredible fishing competitions, Cabo is the place to be in October. Of course, the fishing continues throughout the year.

In addition to fishing in high season, there are incredible whale watching opportunities in the December through February time frame. You’ll find many great whale watching tours, and will likely see whales on almost any water-based activity. If your room has an ocean view, bring some binoculars, you’ll likely see whales from your patio or deck.

During high season or peak season, resorts and hotels are often fully booked, and prices are at their peak. There are crowds everywhere enjoying the sunshine and temperatures in the mid-’70s to mid-’80s. It is a great time for people watching, trying out new adventures and dining experiences. In March and April, Cabo is a popular destination for the Spring Breakers. They flock to Cabo from universities around the world to hike, enjoy water activities and of course enjoy the day beach parties along with the exciting nightlife.

Some regular tourists visit in May and/or June. These two months are considered by some tourists the best time to visit Cabo. The winter crowds have ebbed, and the weather is still comfortable, with average high temperatures around '86 to ’89 degrees F and the summertime storms have yet to hit. 

Most restaurants and nearly all tourist attractions are still open, but less crowded than during the high season. This is a great time to explore Cabo and San Jose’s "off the beaten path" sites without the crowds of high season.

The summer months of July through September can be extremely hot, with highs in the 90’s along with high humidity. There is always a risk of hurricanes in the summer too. But since this is the low season, prices drop significantly at resorts, hotels, and restaurants. Some venues shut down entirely for the month of August and/or September or use this time to remodel, do maintenance on the property, and some resorts shut down all or a portion of their rooms for maintenance. If you plan to visit during this time frame, and have a favorite restaurant, be sure to check if they will be open.

Just as there are “No Bad Days” in Los Cabos, there are no bad times to visit. Each season has its unique benefits. Our beautiful restaurants, fun bars, clubs, and beautiful resorts are ready to welcome you whenever you decide to visit.