Permaculture With A Purpose

Permaculture meaning sustainable gardening

La Playita, the tiny community next to San Jose, just across the Puerto Los Cabos bridge, has a new center dedicated to art and permaculture. Permaculture is developing agricultural systems that are sustainable and self-sufficient.

The goal of the El Ganzo Centro Comunitario (community center) is to bring together the community to not only explore creative opportunities, but also learn more about the environment and the food you eat.

This project was started by artist Francois who doesn’t use a last name, who saw the need to educate local children on topics they typically won’t learn about in school. He ultimately wanted to build a bridge between the children, visitors and artists through art, music and free organic gardening lessons. The project originally began as free art classes which saw incredible success for the children in La Playita. This led to the development of the current program, expanding to include gardening and permaculture lessons for the kids.

This is all done in collaboration with Flora Farms and Hotel El Ganzo, which hosts the space (hence the name, ganzo ). The hotel has practiced a sustainable model since it opened and, since the United Nations declared 2017 as the Year of Sustainable Tourism, it has put a stronger emphasis on their sustainability efforts.

The hotel’s artist-in-residence program is also part of the community center’s offering. The artists-in-residences host workshops where children are introduced to musical and artistic concepts.

If you are interested in learning more or checking out the new community space, you can reach them at 624-355-4389, visit their website at, or find them on Facebook at