Our Water Department At Work For You


Here’s a heartwarming press release from our water department.

They have bought a new computer outreach system and are training customer service reps on them. This is an effort to be more user friendly and responsive to their subscribers. That would be the subscribers who expect water to fall out of their tap every day. Of course in Cabo that doesn’t happen, and no amount of nice-nice on the phone is going to make up for having no water.

Have you noticed those black tanks on every house in the barrio? They are there because most people only get water several times a week, and then often for only a few hours. So everyone scrambles to fill up their tanks when water does flow. The family that can’t manage to live within the meager water budget must buy water off the truck, and that is very expensive.

So. Buy a system to explain why there is no water, rather than fix the poor infrastructure and poor management.

Show of hands, who would like to apply for the job of answering those phones when a neighborhood has been without water for three days in a row?