The Nominees for the Los Cabos Film Festival


As the 8th Annual Los Cabos International Film Festival soon approaches, organizers released the films chosen as finalists for the two cash award prizes in the two categories of The Los Cabos Competition and The Mexico First selections.The winners will be determined by prominent members of the national and international film industry, who make up the jury that will choose winners of the following awards: 1) Los Cabos Competition Award: $300,000 MXN pesos, 2) The Cinemex Mexico First Prize: $300,000 MXN pesos, 3) Cinemex Audience Award for the Best Mexican Film Competition (Los Cabos or Mexico First): $300,000 MXN pesos, and The Art Kingdom Award for a Mexico First film: $760,000 MXN pesos in services. The films that were nominated in the Los Cabos Competition this year include; 1) Modern Loves, Mexico, directed by Matías Meyer, in its world premiere at Los Cabos 8th International Film Fest. 2) Antigone of Québec, Canada, directed by Sophie Deraspe, making its Latin American premiere. 4) Ash from Canada directed by Andrew Huculiak, also making its premiere in Latin America. 5) Greener Grass of the U.S., directed by Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe, also making its Latin American premiere, along with the following; 6) Honey Boy from the U.S. directed by Alma Har’el, 7) The Climb (U.S.) directed by Michael Angelo Covino, 8) The Twentieth Century (Canada) directed by Matthew Rankin, and the two films making their premiere in Mexico; 9) The Beast and the Party (Mexico, Dominican Republic) directed by Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas, and 10)The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open of Canada by directors Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and Kathleen Hepburn. The jury of the Los Cabos Competition is made up of the outstanding filmmakers Eliza Hittman (U.S.), and Sebastián Silva (Chile) and the outstanding Canadian programmer Diana Sánchez, Director of ​​the Toronto Film Festival.In the Mexico First category, the films nominated for award consideration are 1) Aguerridos International Club directed by Leandro Córdova, 2) Ana's Wish, directed by Emilio Santoyo, 3) The Dove and the Wolf directed by Carlos Lenin, 4) Labor directed by David Zonana, and 5) Watch the Birds directed by Andrea Martínez Crowther.The jury in this section consists of more distinguished members of the film industry that include Alejandra Márquez Abella (Mexican director), Crystal Moselle (American filmmaker) and Nahuel Pérez Biscayart (Argentine actor).The Los Cabos International Film Festival also presents the selection of projects that will compete for the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund (GFFF). Nominees that represent new film talent from the countries of Mexico, the U.S., Canada and the Latin America region. The Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund contestants are competing for more than $6,000,000.00 pesos in cash and prizes. This year the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund received 442 applications, 246 enrolled in the "Cinema in Development" section, 104 in "Work In Progress" and 72 in "Content in Development" of which 20 projects in total were chosen.The selected projects nominated for Cinema in Development are 1) Ana Doesn't Want To Be Seen Dancing (Mexico), directed by Gabriel Herrera Torres, and Produced by Joaquín del Paso, and Fernanda de la Peza. 2) Forsaken (U.S., Mexico), by director Martha Stephens, and Producers Kristin Mann, Mynette Louie, and Laura Smith. 3) Lhasa (Canada) by director Sophie Leblond, and Producers Audrey-Ann Dupuis-Pierre, Sylvain Corbeil, and Nancy Grant. 4) Lola Yes, Lola No (Canada), directed by Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr, and Producer Fanny Forest. 5) Pornomelancolía (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico), by director Manuel Abramovich, and producers Gema Juárez Allen, Martha Orozco, Rachel Daisy Ellis, and David Hurst. 6) Precious Blood (Mexico), directed by Andrés Kaiser, and producer Nicole Maynard Pinto. 7) Hurricane Season (Mexico), directed by Elisa Miller, and producers: Rodrigo Sebastián González, Rafael Ley, and María José Córdova. 8) All Fires (Mexico) by director Mauricio Calderón Rico, and producer Daniel Loustaunau. 9) A Pack called Ernesto (Mexico), directed by Everardo González, and producers Roberto Garza, and Inna Payán. 10) Wiring Utopia (USA, Chile) in collaboration with Tribeca Film Institute, directed by David Barker, and produced by Jay Van Hoy, and Deepak Rauniyar.The “Cinema in Development” projects will be evaluated by a jury made up of American producer Aaron Brookner, and Québec, Canada producer Yanick Létourneau, who is the director of international sales at Magnolia Pictures.Other films nominated for a different award include 1) Aventurology (Mexico) by director Ricardo Castro, and producer Jonathan Davis. 2) Celluloid Dreams (U.S.) in collaboration with the Independent Filmmaker Project, directed by Ilinca Călugăreanu, with the help of Production Companies owners Mara Adina, and Ilinca Călugăreanu.3) Mother Mass (Argentina) Director: Mercedes Córdova, Producer: Valeria Forster. 4) My Interior is one of The Most Beautiful and Strange things in the World (Mexico), by director Nicolasa Ruiz, and producer: Paulina Valencia. 5) Slopes of Paraná (Argentina), directed by Florencia Álvarez, and produced by Georgina Baisch, and Cecilia Salim.The Work In Progress GGFF nominees consist of 1) Summer White (Mexico), by director Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson, and producer Alejandro Cortés Rubiales. 2) Things We Don't Do (Mexico), directed by Bruno Santamaría Razo, and produced by Abril López Carrillo. 3) Gods of Mexico (Mexico, USA). Director Helmut Dosantos, and producers Mariana Monroy, and Marta Núñez. 4) Flora and Fauna (Mexico, Canada), directed by Nicolás Pereda, with producers,  Catalina Pereda, Pedro Antonio García, and Nicolás Pereda. 5) Mixtec Knot (Mexico), by director Ángeles Cruz, andproducer, Lucía Carreras, and Lola Ovando.The jury of this section is made up of Mexican Sergio Díaz, an Oscar-nominated sound designer for his work in Rome, American distributor Danielle DiGiacomo, vice president of acquisitions and strategic partnerships of 1091, and French Fabienne Hanclot, who is also executive director of the Association for the Dissemination of Independent Cinema (ACID).