New Mega Resort Pops Up

Well, a $5 billion project on 834 acres doesn’t exactly pop, it’s a grind

The Bulnes family was one of the handful of pioneers who saw the future of Los Cabos clearly. Luis Bulnes is gone now, but the second generation carries on. The original Solmar was a collection of bungalows on the beach, and the timeshare owners were fiercely protective of that way of life, carrying on like the world was coming to an end when they were torn down, but those owners were moved into the new six stories first class resort. The resort is an easy walk to town, but on the other side of the little hill, so it’s quiet and peaceful. It’s a great location and the bungalow owners came out way ahead, most of them would agree now.

The family is now spring boarding off that success to build Rancho San Lucas, an 834 acre piece of land on the Pacific side, just north of Diamonte. At the junction of the toll road from the airport and the highway to Todos Santos, turn west, towards the ocean.

Our guide, Claudia Velo, tells us this will be a six to 10 year build out, and warns me not to get too excited about some of the features that are coming at a way later date.

Currently, on a Saturday, it looks like there are hundreds of men buzzing around. I’m told there are actually 1,200 men employed full time on this six to 10 year build.

The structures are built on sand, so they are digging down so far it looks like they’re building an underground parking structure. Nope, they’re just sinking the foundation on bedrock. After they sink the columns, they will fill in the hole with sand again. It’s an expensive build, on sand, because they’re going down so deep to make it right. It’s interesting to watch.

There will be two story detached full ownership homes built to your specs starting at $800,000 for 2,800 square feet. There will be only 32 homes and 36 full ownership condos, so shake a leg if you’re interested. And if you are a former Solmar guest, chances are you’ve already been won over. They treat their guests well.

There will also be a handful of multi-story buildings of timeshares and condos. The timeshares are all suites with well-appointed kitchens and beautiful bathrooms. There will be 680 timeshare rooms. These days all new developments are mixing timeshare with full ownership, and hitting many price points. Something for everyone is the thinking.

And what swanky resort would be complete without a golf course? Of course there will be a golf course at Rancho San Lucas. Designed by Greg Norman, a very famous retired professional on the PGA tour.

Eventually there will be a lazy river weaving through the buildings. A lazy river is a long and skinny swimming pool with a built in current that slowly pushes you down the length of the pool in your raft or inner tube. There will also eventually be a 15 acre lagoon, one that is definitely not real, but looks real. No swimming pool look here. But that’s down the road.

Currently, there are 89 rooms in service with 200 staff. The current guests don’t mind all the building going on around them, as they spend their time facing the ocean in their lounge or in the pool with the swim up bar.

It’s a bit remote, but vans run to town like every half hour or so. Actually, to keep the taxistas happy (are those robbers ever happy?), the van only goes to the original Solmar, but it’s a quick walk to town from there.

Finished at this point are a couple of restaurants, a full service bar, a deli and a little grocery. Enough to keep the sun bunnies who are staying there now very happy.

For more information, or even a tour by Claudia in her Jeep, like I had, call :624-143-0900.:Or go to their web site at Or even drop by the Grande Solmar near downtown and check out the big model of Rancho San Lucas on the floor of the lobby.