New Marina/Residential Community Permitted

Located on the East Cape near the stalled Cabo Riviera

Reflecting the optimism in our tourist town that’s shared by many, there was an announcement by Mexico’s Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) that it had granted Baja Norte’s Governor, Francisco “Kiko” Vega, a lease (called a concession here), to build a small craft marina and residential development on the East Cape. The new $55 million boater’s facility and homes will be part of the El Anhelo resort located midway between Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort and Rancho Leonero Resort.

Kiko_0.jpgScheduled to be built in a partnership with the developers of the El Cid Hotel chain in Mazatlan and Van Wormer Resorts, the 1760 acre project will include at least one hotel, 1,300 home sites, condominiums an Arnold Palmer designed golf course, and a marina for 356 boats It is comprised of three pieces of land previously merged in 2011.

As part of the deal to get the permits, the developers have agreed to ensure free access to the beach for the locals, with parking, shade palapas, rest rooms, and showers.

Vega reportedly has a home on the East Cape and visits the area often. He has been a familiar face at many of Baja Sur’s sportfishing tournaments over the years, usually fishing with Chucky Van Wormer’s team, which frequently finds itself in the winner’s circle.

El Anhelo means The Longing, and it is also the name of a tiny town in the Sierra Laguna mountains you flew over coming into Cabo.

The pioneering Van Wormer family has long sought to build a marina there, but was beaten to the punch by Cabo Riviera, a marina and mixed use development that was started several years ago but has hit many snags. Currently there isn’t even any construction going on there and it appears that those who invested early may lose their money. Nobody connected with the company will even confirm they are ever going to try to finish it. This epic failure follows many millions of dollars invested in dredging for the marina, the beach club was built, and a lot of infrastructure was built. Looks like the Van Wormer family may have the last laugh after all.  ,