New Hotel Going Up

Looks like it’s been whupped with an ugly stick

The first stone has been set for the new City Express Hotel being built  near the convention center north of Rosarito Beach.

Rather than celebrating ground-breaking as they do in the U.S., with a gaggle of men standing around decked out in suits and shiny shoes and posing with shovels, Mexicans wait a few weeks’ work into the project, and then stand around posed with a cinder block that’s waiting to be set.

hotelinrosarito.jpgRosarito is courting business and industry to the area, and being pretty successful at it. New companies are starting to arrive, providing local job opportunities, and some companies already here  are expanding their presence.

 This butt ugly, no frills hotel is primarily for those traveling to Rosarito on business, and is conveniently located near the Baja Convention Center, which badly needs a hotel if it’s ever going to be booked. Who builds a convention center with no hotel???

The seven-story, 117 room no nonsense business-style hotel that is a visual blight on the landscape is set to open next September with rooms averaging about 1000 pesos per night, which could be $50 or $91 US dollars, depending on that darn dollar/peso exchange rate.

City Express is on a roll, opening hotels in Cabo and La Paz within the past year. And yup, they built the same ugly structures. The company is out of Mexico City and apparently they got a cut rate deal on hiring the architect, and they’re not going to hire another, choosing to replicate this architect’s monument to landscape blight.

They claim it’s for the business traveler and those people don’t care if they’re staying in a monstrosity that’s a throw back to the 1960s. And who else but business travelers would stay in a hotel surrounded by electric towers and lines? Maybe CFE guys. (Mexican electric agency).

 There are two choices of rooms: modern minimalist and modern minimalist with a kitchenette. These rooms have no closets a la Motel 6, except, unlike that dreadful Norte motel chain, these room all offer functional business stations and free Wi-Fi.

This could be perfect for your no-frills frugal Canadian relatives who drop in, thinking they’re going to bunk with you for the winter.

There is no restaurant at the hotel, but they do offer a continental breakfast. Hey, Burger King and Applebee’s is within walking distance, so you’re going to be OK.

The ceremonial cinder block setting was promoted as “a significant event” for Rosarito by our city fathers.

This addition may not seem important to the American retiree community, but the more business that comes to Rosarito and surrounding areas means more revenue, more money available to spend, and your favorite little restaurant or coffee house may not have to shut its doors. We need our visitors to keep our favorite businesses in business.