New Farm To Table Project Coming In

The name is Puerto Raiz, an enclosure that will feature a restaurant bar named Semillón (Big seed), a botanic garden, a glamping area, an events garden and an artistic venue for art exhibits and concerts.

The brains behind Puerto Raiz are Tijuana native Chef Javier Plascencia, considered the most famous chef of the city and creator of Baja Med cuisine, which combines the flavors of Baja ingredients with a Mediterranean twist. 


Plascencia owns and operates two restaurants in Tijuana, Mision 19 and Erizo, and one in Ensenada, Finca Altozano. 

The 32-acre project brings along Canadian bartender Danielle Tatarin, who will create cocktails with herbs grown on site and will also run a distillery to make her own infusions and make them available to visitors and patrons. The distillery will also offer classes and private dinners for small, 10-12 people groups.

One more exclusive place will be the Animalón (Big animal), where diners will enjoy Plascencia and Tatarin creations under the shade of a huge Guamuchil (Pithecellobium dulce tree).

A few examples of Baja-Med cuisine include duck skewered with licorice and sprinkled with guava dust; risotto topped with salt-cured nopalitos (prickly pear cactus) and charred octopus; and slow-cooked short ribs bathed in a mission fig syrup on top of a black mole sauce. Stay tuned. ,