New Era Of Government Response Well Received

It’ pretty amazing what an election can do

Residents of Puerta Cabo Village condo building contacted city officials in Cabo with a written complaint about all the noise and the trash left behind after weekend soccer games on the field across the street from the condominiums. That would be the dirt soccer field at the entrance to Cabo, across from the bull ring.

So far so good with the newly elected city officials actually responding to citizen complaints. And, even harder to believe, these are complaints from mostly foreigners. The strangely located four or five story condo building, which has never sold well, is also cursed with the bright lights, the noise, and the strewn trash of the nightly soccer matches.

Ramon Lugo, director of social communications for the city, told us that nowadays, when a complaint or problem is brought to the attention of the new city administration, somebody has to respond.  And respond they did. One Saturday morning last month representatives from several different city departments showed up at the soccer field and in the adjacent arroyo.  It really was amazing to see so many factions come together:  public services, the environment, SOFOMAT (beaches), sports, DIF (family cenered charity), Instituto de La Juventud, Policia Municipal, social development, Asentamiento Humanos, Controlaria, Ingresos,  local citizens, and Recicladora del Pacifico.

This amazing array of “volunteers” brought along a bulldozer, trucks for trash, shovels, rakes, and large plastic bags for hauling away the trash.  When the new administration took over governing our city in December, all city workers were expected to put in some free time “volunteering” their services in a public display of humbleness, and this was part of it. And in addition to cleaning the area, they discussed how to solve the problem from recurring. It was agreed that coming back to clean the area after every weekend is not the solution, that it only enables irresponsible behavior.  As it  is, some of the locals believe that if they leave trash strewn about, it is the job of the city workers to clean it up.

 It was suggested that city representatives could pop out to the field to speak to the people and perhaps pass out bags for their trash. Another idea was to install barrels, so people would have a place to put their trash.  The problem with that is, the heavy metal barrels would have to be nailed down or they would walk off. And if they were nailed down, how could they be emptied in the unlikely event that a city truck would actually swing by to pick up the trash? (Forgive us, after decades of bad government, we’re a tad bit jaded). Another possible solution was to fine the sports league.

In regards to the appearance, they already have a plan to plant trees around the perimeter of the dusty brown field.   It has been discussed to lay down synthetic grass, but it is not allowed by the federal agency CONAGUA since the field is in a flood plain. 

As for the noise, it was decided the municipal police need to be involved to tamp that down.  It was noted that the games are over at 11:00 p.m. and that the police should come through encouraging people to leave.  By 12:00 p.m. the police should insist that everyone leave.  The police could also issue tickets to anyone drinking alcohol since it is not permitted in public areas.

One more piece of really good news is the new attitude of the city police. It seems there is way less extortion and way more spirit of helpfulness and honesty among the police force. Things are really looking up for Los Cabos, let’s give a big thank you to our new city government. Good governance can really make a difference.