New Dog Park In Cabo

Gosh, we thought the entire country was a dog park

Cabo K9 Corral has opened Cabo’s first official dog park that is now open to the public free of charge on Sundays from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. The Cabo K9 Corral Dog Park is a fun, safe, place to play with your dog and meet other Cabo dog owners. And other Cabo dogs. Lots of them. This dog park is not to be confused with the barrios that have no leash laws, making them all  look like dog parks.

Bring your latte or green juice and spend a nice afternoon enjoying the pooch patio lounge or send your dog on a sprint around the agility course or just lounge in the shade in the company of your four-legged best friend. Be sure to check the gate for the posted park rules so you and your dog play well with others. Be advised that there are no public bathrooms. Except for the dogs. But then the entire country is their bathroom.

This graphic is on K9 Corral’s website. What is this, a pick up spot for horny dogs? Mexicans must be laughing their asses off at us. We pay $10 a day for the service while they just kick their dogs out the door and let them run around the neighborhood looking for dates.The dog park is on the grounds of the Cabo K9 Corral, a new five star resort for dogs. (Who knew Michelin give out stars for dog parks?) Whether you need to get rid of your dog for a day or overnight, or a week or even a month they can take your dog off your hands. Each of their eight private 20 square foot cells, (pardon, rooms),  has natural sunlight, air conditioning, filtered water, room service, tile flooring, 24 hour care and security. Room service? What do the dogs do, ring a bell if they want a split of campaign sent in?)

The spacious resort features over 20,000 square feet (that’s almost a football field, Bunky), of outdoor space for recreation. They provide an impressive daily activity schedule to ensure that your dog is active and healthy during their stay. No, do not expect them to make you a lanyard or an ashtray, their activities are mostly concerned with smelling each other’s behinds and pissing and pooping all over the place.  All daycare and overnight guests at the resort have access to the private dog park, including the swimming pool, water slide, and agility course. They are free to take in the sun, sleep in the shade or lounge on the pooch patio.

In addition to day and overnight boarding services, the Cabo K9 Corral also provides dog training by Kevin Meehan, who owns all this. He has created a unique, all natural approach to discipline that he believes is more humane than most schools, as it does not rely on domination, subordination, obedience, treats or gadgets. Hmmm....sounds like Montessori school for dogs to us.

The Cabo K9 Corral rate for daycare is $10 USD. That’s for care from sunrise to 5:00pm, which is checkout time. The rate for overnight lodging is $20, checkout is at noon.

And your dog needs to bring its own food! Geeze, then what’s the deal on the room service? Where does the swanky stuff come into all this? Just asking. Your dog will also need a certificate of good health from the vet. Suggested additional items include your dog’s favorite comfort items, like his blankie or his favorite squeaky toy.

 Kevin is originally from Canada; he has 20 years experience training dogs as The Dog Tutor, he is the author of Train Your Dog in Seconds, and formerly operated the K9 Corral in Calgary, Canada.  The pet resort and park is at 1232 Calle Cardon, on the corner of  Calle Vista del Mar, near the AutoZone at the Soriana shopping mall which is on the road to Todos Santos. No drop bys, no pitching dogs over the fence, the Calgary Dog Whisperer would like you to be civil about this and make an appointment.  Call him at 624 136 2971 or email Their web site is