New City Revenue Source

handicap.JPGWith the support of city government delegate Francisco Garcia, the Amigos de Cabo San Lucas, a group of Cabo downtown business owners, installed a handicapped parking space just outside of the Aramburo supermarket on Lazaro Cardenas, the main street coming into town.

The space, which is now painted blue, used to be a no-parking spot, although plenty of people used it at a parking spot. Usually, a traffic cop would be stationed on the corner to help pedestrians cross the busy street, while at the same time issuing tickets for traffic violations (and often hoping for some bribes from drivers who are too lazy to go to the cop shop to pay their ticket).

Hopefully the new space will solve the issue of illegal parking, since nobody wants to pay the roughly $374 USD fine that comes with parking in a handicap space. No kidding. That’s how much that mistake will cost you.