New Art Museum Coming

City of La Paz

The state government will be more involved in the management of La Paz’s infrastructure in hopes of boosting tourism and eventually the city’s economy. As a result, the historic center of La Paz will be getting much more attention and financing from the government through The Secretary of Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Mobility (SEPUIM in Spanish).

Although not much information has been given to the public about what exactly is being planned for the city other than minor renovations on the seafront walk again, the first project has already started to see the light of day: an art museum. This museum will give visitors and locals yet another reason to stick around and enjoy what the city has to offer.

La Paz art museum with new addition

The museum will be where the current art and cultural center is (originally La Paz’s historic town hall), between the streets of 5 de Mayo and Belisario Dominguez. The cultural center has not been emptied out only to be left abandoned, unlike the Whale Museum which is now nothing but an empty building and a not so distant memory. Instead, the building has been extended and renovated, making room for the art museum all the while leaving the original building as it is but in better shape. The extension mimics the design and architectural style of the original pearl-white building, making it hard to spot where the extension starts and ends and respecting the historical center’s old town vibe.

The head of the Secretary of Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Mobility here in Baja California Sur, Luis Genaro Ruíz, backs up the project by stating that growing interest in having larger spaces for art expositions, where artists and artisans can showcase their work, has led to their commitment in offering stronger support for the state’s capital in terms of historical and cultural identity. He adds that investing in the cultural side of a given place is one of the most important things a government can and should do; boosting participation in sports and arts further establishes a common identity and is an effective way of encouraging citizens’ overall development as he puts it.

The overall project has required an investment of around 1.5 million USD which means that the building is still being worked on with the current construction of two showrooms, a dressing room and a larger showroom for large-scale pieces and expositions. Each room is expected to have enough space to hold several expositions at a time, though they will periodically be replaced to spice things up.

Two additional restrooms will also be built and another plan for the museum is to have a public-friendly rooftop for all those who want or are in need of some fresh air along with a great view of the center. Handicapped individuals will definitely not be forgotten, as adaptations to the building and extension will be made in order to provide wheelchair access throughout the building. So far an opening date has not been given, but it looks like the museum will open soon.