Need To Stash Your Stuff?

You can lock it up here instead of hauling it back home

For many of you who don’t live in Los Cabos full time, coming and going can mean having to lug things like golf clubs, suitcases full of bedding and other bulky items every time you fly in and out, and paying a hefty fee to do so. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep stuff stashed here, without having to rent an entire storage unit?

Well, here in Los Cabos you can actually do that. EZ Locker Cabo is a company that offers storage solutions for all of you timeshare and fractional ownership people who don’t have your own storage. The same goes with any frequent visitors who don’t have their own place down here. 

ezlocker.JPGHere’s how it works: you pay for a storage container to be kept in their secure storage facility, which is here in Cabo. EZ Locker will pick up and deliver everything that you need to have stored. All you do is give them your dates of arrival and departure, and where to deliver the box. EZ Locker will deliver to any resort in Los Cabos (from San Jose to Cabo). They will also deliver to a residence to accommodate fractional owners and frequent visitors.

Basically, you pay for a storage “container” which is a blue box that’s 24 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 13 inches tall. About the size of a recycling bin. If not all of your items fit in the box, you can either pay for an additional storage box or purchase your own container. You can also bring your own larger Rubbermaid container purchased from a local store and they will store it for the same price as their blue box.

You are allowed to store anything that’s non-perishable (yes, we know the guacamole is good but it won’t last a year in storage).

 Common items that people store include board games, personal items such as pictures, books, cooking supplies, snorkel equipment, and anything else that you would like to leave here. If you have larger items that don’t fit in the box, like golf clubs, surfboards, beach chairs/umbrellas, fishing poles and tackle, suitcases, etc., EZ Locker can also store them for you.

Storage plans are very simple and are billed annually. A standard plan costs $149 USD the first year and includes one delivery and pick up per year. After the first year, the annual fee decreases to $99. Any additional lockers cost $99 per year per locker. If you plan on coming more than once per year, an additional pick up and drop off of the locker will cost $25 per trip.

If you have a lot of family members making the trip to Cabo or visit multiple times per year, the multi-family plan might be better for you. This plan costs $189 for the first year. After the first year, the annual payment is $149. This plan includes unlimited delivery and pick up of storage at no additional cost (for any member of the family).

If you find yourself traveling to and from Cabo a lot, then EZ Locker Cabo just might be the solution. You can take the money you’ll save on baggage fees and stay a few extra days. For more info or to buy a package, look online at