More Renovations In Downtown San Jose

Plaza Miljares is getting a whole new look

The main plaza in San Jose will be getting a makeover soon. (Seems like most of San Jose is being renovated these days.)

The plaza renovation will cover an area of roughly 100,000 square feet (basically, the entire plaza) and represents an investment of almost $1.8 million USD. The ground breaking ceremony was held last month, meaning we can expect to see work happening any day now. Or not. The project is scheduled to be finished in six months, but let’s be honest, it won’t likely be done on time (this is Mexico after all).

mallnew.JPGThe first stage of construction is demolition. Some things to watch for are the removal of several existing features, like the giant fountain that never has water in it, along with the corresponding drainage system.

Most of the upgrades to the plaza will include replacing the stone and concrete grounds Although a final version of the renovated plaza design hasn’t been chosen yet. (How can you start renovations if you don’t have a plan? Well, no matter, time for that when they’re half way though.)

Many other ideas for potential improvements have been kicked around. It is very likely that the white gazebo in the center of the plaza will be remodeled, as well as the open air theater.

Also being considered is a new fountain (maybe this one will actually work) and more planters with trees to increase shade. Hopefully we get some new sidewalks, too, as the existing one has a curb that blends in with its surroundings and is very hard to spot, posing a tripping hazard.

With the plaza renovation and all the other construction work on Boulevard Mijares (the street that goes from the plaza to the Hotel Zone) it’s likely we’ll have a fully renovated downtown San Jose within the next few years. Let’s just hope we have the patience to make it through the mess until then. And that the construction doesn’t scare off the tourists.