Mix Business With Pleasure

If you have to work while you’re here, do it at one of these places

In this day and age of the Internet, you can run a businesses from anywhere in the world via a virtual office. Because of this, everyone, from employees of big firms to entrepreneurs and small business owners, have the ability to travel the world while still making sure things are going smoothly back at the office.


And while Los Cabos isn’t necessarily a big business travel destination, it is a place where many of its guest have to do business while on vacation. Here are a few local Cabo spots you might to check out if you need a work space that lets you get the most of your time away from home.

The Koral Center Work Desks - This is one of the most modern work-space environments in all of Cabo. The spaces (desks) inside make for the perfect virtual office space, whether you are alone or need to set up a meeting with your partners. And if you sign up for a membership there, you even get a free morning coffee upon your arrival each day.

Holiday Inn All Inclusive Resort Los Cabos - Not only do you get free internet, free work spaces and all you can eat/drink daily, but this San Jose resort is right on the beach, giving you that sense of paradise while you work. For an additional cost you can even stay in an oceanfront room with a hammock outside, so you can put your laptop next to you and sway back and forth to the sounds of the ocean while typing up those important emails.

Pueblo Bonito Rosé Resort & Spa - This spot is for those looking for the ultimate luxurious space while also wanting a full vacation. Located on Médano Beach, the resort offers business owners/workers upscale rooms and a full business center inside that includes work spaces with ocean view terraces.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to work while they’re on vacation. But if you have to, doing it in one of these places, with the ocean and beach so close, sure makes it more enjoyable.