Middle Aged Kanuck Swims For Enviornment

renate-herberger_0.jpgCanadian Renate Herberger plans to swim 600 miles from Loreto to La Paz, and then if she’s feeling chipper, push on to Cabo San Lucas. Chipper? People can swim 600 miles and chirp about it?

Renate plans to. She’s going to offer talks along the way about the importance of protecting marine resources. Talks? Someone can still talk after inhaling 600 miles of sea water?

The tour began last week and she plans on getting here in about 25 days. Oh, well, 25 days, hell anyone could do that. Even us. Maybe. With a little help from a boat.

She’s pulled this stunt before, in Costa Rica, where seven times she’s made Big Swims to carry the message of environmental protection, reaching 32,000 people.

“The real goal, the reason I do this, is to call attention to marine conservation, and marine sanctuaries. If we continue as usual, by mid century the prediction is we will not have any more fish,” the 60 year old woman explains.

When she washes up on our shores, best not to offer her a plate of fish n’ chips.