Mexico Says No To The Donald

Presidential candidate Donald Trump on a bad hair day.  Like he has good hair days?Donald Trump’s cherished wall continues to enjoy prominence in U.S. news reports, but this week the government of Mexico fired back, saying  hell no, Mexico would not pay for Trump’s proposed wall he wants erect to keep the Mexicans out of the U.S.

The official Mexican response came from Eduardo Sánchez, spokesman for the president’s office, who made it clear that Mexico will not pay for Trump’s wall as he has suggested. He said Trump’s remarks reflect “enormous ignorance” of Mexico and irresponsibility. He also said the Mexican government is not taking Trump’s statements seriously. Those statements have included the charge that Mexico is intentionally sending rapists and other criminals to the U.S. (Does that mean sending them is an accident, or that it’s not happening?)

Mexico will pay 100% of the cost of the wall, Trump said, and if it doesn’t, “we’ll charge ‘em a little tariff. It’ll be paid. But we need the wall.