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Making every moment count

Dear friends:

After nearly fifty years of living and working in Mexico I realize it is time to share;to share special experiences, to comment on the quality of life, the beauty, and the simplicity we enjoy.From time to time I will send out a bulletin with a bit of news and some thoughts on making the most of what is available.Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed! Linda Jones Neil.


La Paz.. Doing Well!

La Paz,City of the Peace is located on the Sea of Cortez, a magic body of wáter known to many as the Acquarium of the World because of its diversity of sealife.La Paz, surrounded by mountains and the sea, has seen an increase in tourism from 225,000 in the first quarter of 2010 to 350,000 in the same period of 2018.

There is an outstanding real estate investment opportunity in La Paz for those looking to develop a first class retirement-tourist project.A twelve story building on the water will be auctioned on October 24thminimum bid of 2,896,000. USD.Projected sales: 35 million USD


Monarchs In Mexico!

From November to March each year, you can be witness toof the most spectacular natural phenomena in the forested mountains west of Mexico City: Monarch butterflies wintering in Mexico. These migrating monarch butterflies travel in colonies of about 20 million insects and will travel between 80-120 nautical miles per day, depending on the wind and other weather conditions.

The monarch butterflies settle in theOyamelfir tree forests which are situated west of Mexico City; alongeastern perimeter of the Mexican state of Michoacán, also bordering the state of Mexico. Once here, the butterflies cluster on the tree trunks and remain in the region for the winter.

As the sun heats the day, some of the butterflies will flutter into the forests and return to the tree trunks when the air cools in the evening.Mexperience.September 2018

Day of the Dead

Did you enjoy it? Day of the Dead. If you have interest in customs and beliefs of the Mexican peoples, please see the Disney movie,Coco!This is a lovely, sensitive and fun explanation of the important beliefs we share in this country.Our people who leave us do not forget us, and we must not forget them.can learn so much from those who have gone before us. Our altar, honoring those dear to us who have left, was a focal point of our celebrations of life this month. Thousands of candles were lighted, and there were flowers galore! Many chrysanthemums andmotaan exotic purple flower, adorned the streets and the cemeteries.People also adorned the altars with food, sugar skulls, tequila and other wonderful treats to delight our departed whose souls will return to visit on this magical night.

Thank you for reading this! Your comments and questions are welcomed!