Los Cabos Humane Society Has Come A Long Way, Baby


With thirty animal shelters and rescues in the Los Cabos area, there is a lot of confusion regarding the animal services available, and we wanted to help clarify the role of the Los Cabos Humane Society (LCHS) , the first and largest of them all, Our Mission: To provide education in the respectful treatment of animals, to conduct sterilization and to promote adoption.

Our Donors: The shelter receives no government funding and relies on donations.

80% of our donors are foreigners in our community

17% of our donors are from national companies interested in the health and image of our city

3% of donors are from our national community

Our Geographical Focus: The municipality of Los Cabos and surrounding metropolises such as Los Barriles, Todos Santos and La Paz.

Why Support LCHS?

As the only full-service animal shelter in Los Cabos, the LCHS is a vital resource for the community offering the following services:

Regular support for some of the smaller rescues in the region. Some of the others utilize our veterinary services, bring us overflow animals and utilize our cremation service.

Maintenance of a highly-functional facility with veterinary and shelter management staff who are passionately dedicated to animals.

Conducting free medical attention and spay & neuter services to the public on Mondays and Wednesdays at the shelter, in addition to the weekly free clinics throughout the community.

A highly qualified board of directors who have worked extremely hard to improve the financial situation of the shelter and would be pleased to show the LCHS financial statements to anyone interested.

The ability to lobby for change and success! This past year was a milestone for LCHS, as we were able to initiate and see through the prosecution of the first case of animal abuse taken to court in Los Cabos. This initiative required an incredible amount of effort by the LCHS and El Ranchito teams, and represented the ultimate education in the consequences of animal abuse.

Since we are a no-kill facility, which best fits with our mission, and so not to refuse any rescue or surrender, if our shelter is full, we take the name of the person bringing us the animal and put them on a waiting list. The rescuer is asked to foster the animal until there's space. The wait time usually is about one week. With this new system, we are providing a promising future for the strays and a way to encourage the community to become more involved in the welfare of animals.

You can contact them at: www.LosCabosHumaneSociety.com
Office Phone: 143-3947 Cell Phone: (624)129-8346.