Looking For Airport Parking?

If you’re doing more than picking up and dropping off, consider these options

It’s easy to see how much busier the Los Cabos International Airport is very quickly becoming. And with the increase in foot traffic comes an increase in car traffic. More cars mean it takes longer to come and go, and there’s more trouble with parking, too.

Speaking of airport parking, prices have started to sneak up on us! It is not as cheap to park or leave your car at the airport as it used to be. We decided to get the scoop on prices and convenience when it comes to parking and car storage around here.

By far, the most convenient option is to park your car in the open lot at the airport. Your car will be as close as can be to the airport. Just park and walk to the terminal. The price per hour is up to about $1.50 USD, which isn’t too bad if you are just there to drop off or pick up. Leaving your car parked there for a whole day is going to cost you $17. After the first day, the rate goes down to about $6 per day. Just make sure you don’t lose your parking stub, or they will charge you an additional $10.

airport.JPGFor those of us without a garage - or those who prefer the safety of a storage unit - there are numerous options when it comes to self-storage. If convenience is your number one priority, then San Jose Storage is your best bet. It’s located by the airport, as soon you exit the airport drive and enter Highway 1, right next to the Pemex gas station (so you can fill up as soon as you return). They offer a very convenient shuttle service that comes free with your car storage purchase. The shuttle is in operation daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but the self-storage is available 24/7.

San Jose Storage also has the cheapest daily rates. They offer a variety of options, including covered, uncovered, and garaged parking. If you are willing to park your car uncovered it will only cost you $4 per day. You can reserve your spot for a whole month at the discounted rate of $50. Many people bring their own car cover so they don’t have to leave their vehicle out in the direct sun.

A covered parking space goes for $5 per day and $90 per month. If you want a garage, they offer storage units that are 10 feet by 20 feet and can fit up to a Chevy Suburban. One of these will set you back $6 per day or $150 monthly. Advantages here are that your vehicle is very close to the airport and the toll road (for a quicker drive to San Jose or Cabo), as well as having that convenient shuttle service. Plus, you can easily book your storage unit and pay for it online. The complex itself is very secure, with an onsite security guard 24/7.

If you are looking to store your car for months are a time, Anchor Storage has the better prices for monthly storage. These storage units are located about two blocks from the airport, right at the north end of all the industrial buildings that sit directly in front of the airport. It’s about a five minute walk there from the airport parking lot. They charge $4 per day or $45 monthly for uncovered parking within their secured complex. They also allow you to place your own car cover over your vehicle.

For covered parking, Anchor Storage charges $6 per day or $80 per month. If you would like a garage, the cost is $12 per day or $120 per month.

Something to keep in mind is that sales tax is not factored into any of these prices, so tack on 16% to your total.