Lomeli Theater Gets A Do-Over

After a wall collapsed, the city decided it was time for a new building

It’s renovation season here in Los Cabos. With tourism down during the hot summer months, there’s construction all over the place, as the municipality tries to get things patched up before the next big tourist rush hits us in November. One example is the Lomeli Theater in downtown San Jose.

You might remember, one of the theater’s structural walls collapsed back in March. Thankfully, no people were injured. The only casualty was a parked car on the street (hopefully you didn’t leave your Rolls Royce downtown that day). Investigation into the collapse showed that it was the result of a faulty foundation; the base of the wall wasn’t deep enough or strong enough to support the wall, due to its height. Huh, who would have thought that the foundation is a pretty integral part of construction?

colapse.JPGDue to the structural problems and the age of the building (it’s one of the older in the area) the city decided to demolish the theater and a build a new one. The theater plays an important role in local cultural events. It’s the main indoor center for performing arts in downtown San Jose, with plays, concerts, dances, and other types of events held here.

During demolition, the city has decided to close the two-block stretch surrounding the theater in order to prevent any further incidents. Currently closed are streets Santos Degollado and Ignacio Zaragoza (the main “up” street). Traffic is being re-routed via a detour, so expect delays.

The city is investing upwards of $700,000 USD in the new theater. There is no scheduled date of completion, but we were told the project will take at least a year. The good news is, we will be getting a brand new indoor theater and the street closure is only temporary. The bad news? We probably won’t see this new theater for quite some time. It sounds as if the city is going to take as much time as they can to finish this project. Well, at least we know that theater walls won’t be falling down any time soon. We’re kind of sure about that.