Live Theater Performs For Us In Todos Santos

Hey, this sounds like fun, and the price is right

After a successful first season, Las Estrellas de Todos Santos theater group is back.  The group will be presenting The Cemetery Club by Ivan Menchell on February 3, 4, 5, and 6 at the Hotel Casa Tota in the Galeria which is open air and intimately seats around 60.  The show starts at 7:00 p.m., and tickets cost $20 USD or the peso equivalent.  The hotel also offers a dinner special in conjunction with the play. 

The Cemetery Club will be the group’s first full length production.  This play is a drama, comedy about three Jewish widows who visit their husbands’ graves once a month and a widowed man they meet at the cemetery, of course. 

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The cast for the play includes local thespians Anita Harris, Vickie Butler, Roxanne Rosenblatt, Marilyn Martin, and Bill Bradford.

Las Estrellas de Todos Santos was founded by Roxanne  Rosenblatt  because she wanted to support the art experience of Todos Santos. “Todos Santos is an artsy town.  It has an art fest and a music fest, so why not support that art experience with world class theater?”  She asks, we think rhetorically.

Roxanne has a degree in theater and before moving to Todos Santos, she was involved with Baja Shakespeare in Rancho Buena Vista north of San Jose for several years. 

It’s one thing to come up with an idea but to make it work is another.  How did she find all the people needed for a live production in this small town? She explains that some had to be persuaded while others showed immediate interest.  While attending the auditions for The Cemetery Club, I was able to meet some of the past and future stars. 

Pamela, the director,  heard about the theater group when she was a docent for the historic home tour.  She came with friends to a show and said right then and there she fell in love with the concept.  She loves working with Roxanne and is back because it’s fun, fun, fun.

Anita, a real natural and show stopper, has known Roxanne for several years and claims she has learned a lot from her.  She met her in 2010 while trying out for a play and in 2011, both were in the Wiz of Oz together playing the parts of the good witch and the wicked witch.  Anita told me she never dreamed of being on stage, but once she started it became addictive.  Now she loves acting and all the applause, applause, applause. 

Bill was discovered one afternoon while dining at the Alma y Manny Restaurant.  Roxanne, Anita, and Pamela were having lunch together when they looked over and saw the perfect man for one of their performances.  Pamela called out to him, “Bill, oh Bill, oh Bill, we need you for a part.” 

The rest is history.  As for the others, you will just have to come out to see them in action. 

For more information contact:,, or Roxanne at 612-130-3162.