Liga MAC Runs ESL Program

Surely you know by now what ESL stands for, no? Sigh.

Liga MAC is the league of Mexican, American and Canadian volunteers, mostly ladies, who bring much needed help to poor people in San Jose

One of their programs is working with about 65 students who want to learn English. The 28 volunteer native speakers of English show up every Saturday morning three months a year to teach these kids who are all there because they know English is the way to a better job, and better life. Some only pursue English to become a deck hand on a fishing charger boat, others because they want to go to the United States for college, but they are all giving up their Saturday mornings to prepare for their future. Each of the teenagers is encouraged to dream big, and they all  have various aspirations for their futures.

The following are some of the responses to a questionnaire given to the high school age students at the end of this season’s program.

The answers on the left of the forward slash are what they think they will do in the future.  But the answers on the right of the line are the big dreams of what they would like to do. It’s interesting that their likely paths aren’t too different from their dreams.

Roberto - Law Degree / Singer

Yesenia - Lawyer / Lawyer

Abraham - Military Doctor, Lawyer / Doctor

Emilio - Business Administrator, Coach of A Soccer Team / Veterinarian, Businessman

Francisca - Human Resources, Air Force Soldier / Owner of Social Networks

Rosario - Computer Technician / Actress

Beatriz - Lawyer / Criminologist

Selina - Teacher, Lawyer / Interior Designer

Jafeth - Software Programmer, Computer Repair / Work for Google

Carolina - Medicine / Medical Practice in A Hospital

Beatriz Adriana - Tourism / Administrator of The Best Hotel in The World

Judith - Human Rights / Law Degree

Alex - Study Gastronomy to Be a Chef / Work in A Luxury Restaurant

Nani - Work with Technology Companies as A Videogame Developer, Inventor and Scientist / To Be a Great Businesswoman and Scientist in The Field of Technology and The Creator of Useful Inventions for Human Development

Karla - Accountant, Maybe Work in A Bank / Psychologist, Writer of Many Love Stories.

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