Letters To The Editor


Now that I know your position regarding the loss of irreplaceable land like that at the tip of Punta Banda, I will use your paper for its intended purpose, that would be in the outhouse. The loss of this land that should be a national park for the citizens to be used as a golf course for the rich and mighty (that which you are not part of) is deplorable. Your support of this project proves what has been suggested before, that this paper is only interested in benefiting commercialism not the constituency.

Tom Ricker

Via email


Sorry you interpreted our story on a possible development as you did. We thought it was just a story on what’s happening on that bit of land and wasn’t slanted one way or another.

However, you do have us nailed, in that we think it might be a good idea, as it would be a huge opportunity for good jobs for the locals. The Mexican government spends a lot of money to promote tourism, we’re just trying to chip in a little support. Editor