Letters To The Editor

April 4, 2016 Edition


I just want to tell you I support your stand on this Politically Correct crap. I happened to see your original

comment about Chinamen and it was humorous as you intended it.

I’ve just seen on this morning’s news, where students at Emory University had to have emergency counciling, as someone had taken chalk and written “Trump 2016” around campus. They’re traumatized!!

We’ve raised a generation of pablum.

Gail Stanger

Aspen, CO



Congratulations on writing the Amazing Grace of editorials on political correctness and racism. I read it this afternoon in front of the church in Todos Santos. First you forced me to find and read the offended letter, great move, your response made a lot of sense this way, although I think it could stand on it’s own. I think that your editorial should be memorized by every freshman class in the U.S. Oh dear I should have said “ fresh person “.

Do you remember when people were serious about changing dogs into canine companions and they wanted to have classes in Ebonics at Berkley? Anyway back to the praise. Your argument was perfectly reasoned, well paced and ever so kind to your accuser. The clarity and accuracy of your thoughts gave me thrills. I loved it and fuck them if they can’t take a joke.

You are a diamond

Carlos Carlos de Carlos, AKA Carl Marsh

Via email


Gosh, thank you very much.

We have never received as many letters for anything we have written before this. People are defienetly fed up with political correctness. For sure it is a tiny minority holding the clear headed pragmatic people who get things done hostage.

Thanks for taking the time to write, and just for that, you may pick up your next copy of the paper for free!




I would like to express my congratulations and thanks to the citizens of Mexico who camped on the beach near us these past few days of Semana Santa.

There didn’t appear to as many as previous years, even though the weather was spectacular. As the folks packed up and departed yesterday afternoon, it became apparent that the ’No Basura’ message has really gotten through. There are now a large number of sealed garbage bags waiting for pickup later today and the residual amount of trash and thrown tins, with minor exceptions, is minimal.

What a pleasure to see the visiting population enjoying their beaches, and leaving them clean when they departed.  It would be nice to publicly thank all those folks.


David & Lynn Edward.

Ontario Canada and Playa Victoria, Buena Vista