Letters To The Editor

January 25, 2016 Edition


I subscribe to your paper and love keeping up with Cabo news. Cabo is my husband’s and my favorite place on Earth. We have been coming down for 16 years. We own 2 timeshares and this year we were down for 4 weeks.

Regarding the article on all inclusives: we take advantage of the all inclusive at one of our hotels because taxi fares round trip are over $30, often more than the cost of dinner. Car rental agencies gouge U.S. citizens on insurance and are dishonest about their prices.

We have many favorite restaurants in Cabo. The Office, Savatores, Alcaveara, Mama’a, Romeo and Juliet, Soloman’s Landing, Patagonia - you get my drift. We wouldn’t resort to all inclusives if it weren’t so damn expensive to get to all of Cabo’s wonderful restaurants.


Thanks for listening,

Carole Cline

Via email