Letters To The Editor

May 25, 2020 Edition

Dear David,

We always enjoy your paper and news bulletins. I saw your article on the hotel association opening up hotels in June. We all clearly understand the need to get the economy restarted here, especially with the number of locals out of work at present, provided we do not jeopardize the containment progress we have all made here. Clearly for the hotels to get customers, they need flights to resume. I sincerely hope that SJD will enforce 100 percent body temperature screening of all arriving tourists to help avoid a “second wave”, especially as these visitors (especially International) will likely come from countries where precautionary measures are not always rigorously enforced or adopted well. I hope that you will lead the rally call for all precautions here to be taken, so our local population can get back to work with the lowest possible risk! 

Keep up the good work!

Mike B.