Letters To The Editor


Your recent article on  aid U.S. gives Mexico portrays a slanted view of the true picture and leaves the reader with the sense that Mexico receives billions of dollars that are non-reciprocal or straight foreign aid. 

A drug interdiction program, known as the Merida Initiative, allows the U.S. to show they are contributing to the eradication of drug smuggling. Meanwhile in the U.S., you hardly hear a word from the government about initiatives to curb drug use. In fact, drug use has become fashionable, even legal in some states, which makes it extremely hard to curb illegal drug trade when the demand outstrips the supply.

Also, the money that Mexicans send back home does help the Mexican economy, but you left out that it is money that is earned and NOT given, as your headline infers. Millions of Americans working abroad also send money back home to their families, quite normal. It might be interesting to find out just how many billions that is.

While tourism is a major source of revenue for Mexico, it is in exchange for goods, services and the welcome environment that the Mexican people and climate offer all tourists. As a counterpoint, it would be a curious factoid to learn how many billions Mexican tourists spend in the U.S. Tourism is a free enterprise worldwide. Mexico is working hard to develop tourism from other countries.

 Your publication too often reports with a slanted view that appears prejudicial and/or negative towards Mexico and Mexicans. It also creates a negative and marginalized feeling from tourists and locals who come upon your paper, instead of promoting it as a forum that actually encourages cooperation between neighboring countries. This also could help to establish your publication as one your readers can rely on not only for advertising, humor, and good information but also one that consistently delivers straightaway news that is reliable and non-biased.


J. Garcia

San Jose




I like receiving your email news that you send out from time to time. They come with ads, which is fine, because I can whiz right by them if I want but if it looks interesting, I will read it. Sometimes I read the ad, and sometimes I don’t. But I always open and read your often jaundiced take on the news. It seems you just can’t keep your opinion, which is often off the wall, out of it. This is OK with me, as I like a little humor with my news.

But then I got a couple of email news blasts from you. Or I thought they were news blasts. There was no news, only an ad! Don’t do this to us, can’t you dig up some news somewhere? We need some tidbit of news to make the medicine, (the ad), go down.

Sandy Gomez

Olympia, Washington


Yup, we did send out about four of those ads without a news item attached, because our client asked us to. We thought our little gems were important to our precious readers, but he didn’t.  Turns out he did get an amazing response to the email blasts with no news attached. But we got hate mail over it. Some folks thought we sold their email address to someone else, not true, we didn’t even let the client peek at the list). So, now we know. You, our precious readers don’t like the ads without what we call a newsie.  Won’t be doing that again.