Letters To The Editor

February 18, 2019 Edition


Thanks so much for the story on the Marlin take. I hope you’ll continue to follow up and dig deeper into the movement of the carcass thru the marketplace, probably wider than just local seafood restaurants given the volume you are reporting. I’ll bet I could find plenty of sports fisherman that would finance a more in-depth investigation.

Warm Regards,

Jeff Spencer




Thanks for your support.

What we need is volunteers to keep going around to restaurants and shaming them. But then they claim its imported. It is legal in other countries, and they keep import papers. We know all the problems, we need the govt to do their job and that’s not going to happen. Editor


My wife and her friend were on the way to the Farmers market when they blew a tire just under the bridge before the Ave Cententario, their cell phone was dead also. Then a local motorcycle police officer stopped and offered his phone and tried to help them with the flat tire .(The Jack didn’t work). He even dropped back to make sure that they got help, (husbands arrived). Thought I would send this to you as I have seen lots of negative stories about These guys.

Bill Walker.