Letters To The Editor

May 29, 2017 Edition

I am writing to comment on your column in the current GG which I consider to be glib and self-serving.

Initially, I took offense at your assertion that the GG is a "tourist rag". Come on! better or for worse, the GG is English-language publication-of-record for the thousands of expatriates, myself included, that make their home here in BCS. I disagree that tourists "don't want to hear that stuff" (about drug killings) but even if they do, how about the rest of your readership? We are very interested! How could we not be? We live here. without a bilingual Mexican friend or two who have alternate access to local news, we know nothing and it is apparently a part of your mission to keep us ignorant.

A dead gang member or two turning up every few days is one thing but this event took place in a crowded mall in the center of town on one of the busiest weekends of the year when the potential for injury or loss of life was great. 

And since when is "It wouldn't change anything if we wrote about it." a credible reason for flaccid or non-existent reportage?

You've exhibited a great deal of high dudgeon when it's come to covering the corruption and hi-jinx of the municipal government and police force over the years but you're evidently not so fearless when it comes to shining light on darker, more sinister, forces that have the capability to disrupt all our lives significantly.

It's your "rag”, can do whatever you want with it. "No bad news" policy is fine, but don't call it journalism.  "Journalism is publishing something that somebody doesn't want printed. Everything else is just public relations"

You can't have it both ways.

John Aitken.

Cabo San Lucas