Let There Be Light, or Maybe Not!


There are almost no functioning lights along the marina. Complaints to the proper authority cause more lights to be turned off. For safety reasons, the Malecon should be closed from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. before someone is seriously injured. 

Back in mid-September, the lights along the Malecon were mostly dark. I wrote a Letter to the Editor about this. It was published, but no one in the government seemed to care. Fonatur (API) was notified by phone and did nothing to correct the problem.

Since then, only 3 lights have been on between Captain Tony’s Restaurant and the cactus garden (IGY building). 

Some places have light fixtures on both sides of the Malecon but only THREE were on. 

Between Captain Tony’s and the surfboards, SIX lights in a row were OFF.  The surfboard decorative lights were on.

Between the surfboards and the cruise ship drop off only TWO lights were ON. 

After the sun was up, nearly every light was on. So, the lights are functioning, just not being turned on when needed. 

I sent an email to the person responsible for lighting along the marina.  He didn’t respond. A second email got no response. A friend forwarded my email. No response. On October 7, I spoke with him and he said the problem would be corrected in TWO DAYS. It has now been two WEEKS and the only thing that has happened is the loss of more lighting.

Initially, when I complained, lights between the IGY building (cactus garden) and Lorenzillo’s Restaurant were on. These have now been turned off. This is a particularly dark area with no businesses, only an empty lot and the Gray Ghost. Walking here, I have heard many tourists complain as they light their way with cell phones.

October 19, at 6:30 a.m., every light on the marina was turned off. 

How long is this going to continue?  Will Fonatur pay the costs for injuries? Many questions. No answers. Just darkness! Does anyone care?