Let’s Go Climb A Wall!

OK, but let’s not get dirty on a real wall, or risk falling down

There’s a new place in town where you can have breakfast and get in your daily workout all in the same place. It’s a restaurant called La Cueva (The Cave),  just off the fourlane behind the Corona plant, near Cabo and it’s pretty awesome. Be ready to call on lots of core strength and enjoy some delicious food which you’ll need after all that effort.

Untitled-1.jpgIt’s a concept that has been open and working near Puerto Vallara for 10 years now, and coach Enrique Vargas has just brought it to Cabo. He’s been a climber for over 20 years, counting the Pyrenees in the Alps as one of his many accomplishments. He was certified in Spain, and by the Mexican Federation. His whole family is dedicated to this sport; daughter Sofi won silver for Mexico in the Pan-American games, and his other two children are instructors as well.

This is basically a man made wall with little bitty knobs on it which you grasp to climb up. It’s supposed to simulate the little protrusions and nooks and crannies that real climbers use to scale real rock walls.  The coach ties you into a harness that’s on a pulley and he’s holding onto the other end of that pulley in case you fall. You can’t fall, as long as he’s strong enough to hold onto his end of the rope. He can also help you cheat a little bit, as he can pull up on your harness, hauling you higher, and taking some of your weight off your arms and toes.

It’s very good exercise, and even if you go to the gym every day, or run every day, there is no comparative exercise to this. He says this type of exercise helps self esteem, strength, and mobility. He also points out that it’s really good for kids with hyperactivity and insecurities, as well as for strengthening arms, legs, abs, calves, back and mind. It’s really a whole body effort while trusting yourself to reach higher. The routes are set up in different heights for different strength and skill levels and he changes the routes around by moving the knobs.

You can go up the wall with professional help on the other end of your harness  for $6.00 USD.  You take all the time you need, including warm up, putting on the equipment, and assessment of your condition and abilities.

There is a children’s course as well, for kids from 7 to 14 years old, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That’s two hours each day for $60.00 a month which includes equipment, instructor, and route and fall planning (!). It is also combined with different activities such as drawing, playing with balls, etc. You can also include a meal plan separately. Good place to get rid of the little blighters for a couple of hours, anyway.

There will be a summer course as well, with the same price but including extra goodies like zip line, slack line, and bridges, all of which have not been built yet.

Breakfast costs between $6 to $12,  lunch from $7 to $15, with sandwiches between 5 and 7 bucks. There is pasta, paninis, chicken wings, smoothies and all sorts of goodies.

We’ll let you know about a future sleep over camp planned for outside the city. It will be a couple days long, exploring and making an eco-friendly route.