Jot This Down

The federal Chamber of Deputies has approved legislation that will make 066 the official, nation-wide emergency number for civil protection and emergency police response. Now the National Center for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation has the responsibility to dispatch the police to the site of your emergency.  It was thought for a while that 911 would be a good number, following the U.S. lead, but national pride took hold, and the fact that 066 has been promoted in most parts of the country, so you are to use that one.

Good luck with that. First, you’re going to have to do this in Spanish, and second, the people at 066 don’t have a great track record of sending the cops out in a hurry.

In Tampico, a woman stepped outside her home to make a phone call, (bad cell reception?) When a bad guy grabbed her, punched her in the stomach and threatened rape. (Like that’s going to put her in the mood?)

Upon hearing her cries, two neighbors pursued the assailant, who took off on foot, while one called 066. The operator calmly asked a series of questions for five minutes, and a full hour later, state police meandered by.

When asked why they took so long, police said the emergency responder had only just passed along the call, and they recommended calling the police station instead. “You called 066? They always call us too late.  What you need to do is call us directly, at the moment that you need us. We will come instantly and leave the questions for after.”  Which would be miracle here in Los Cabos, given our stumblebum Keystone Kops.

Better tip: Try to not need help.