It’s Getting Crowded Here

Low season is no longer a thing in Cabo

Have you noticed how quiet it’s been in Cabo this summer? Yeah, neither have we. That’s because, unlike previous years, the blistering summer heat has failed to keep away tourists.

2226beach.JPGCabo’s mayor, Arturo de la Rosa, recently announced that there is no more low season, as the demand for flights and hotel reservations has remained consistent all year. He also said the number of tourists visiting Los Cabos has doubled in just a few years; in 2015, we had 1.5 million visitors and this 2017 that number is expected to exceed 3 million visitors.

That’s a lot of people. They better get all those new resorts built quickly, otherwise, people will have to camp out on the beach.

And according to the Los Cabos Hotel Ass., hotel occupancy has been at 77% this summer, increasing to 90-100% during some weekends. Those are Spring Break numbers right there! And things are only going to get busier. Reservations for the fall and winter, which is one of the busiest times of the year here and the start of high season, are up 6% from last year.

And Cabo isn’t the only area seeing an increase in tourism. The La Paz director of tourism reported high summer occupancy numbers, ranging between 80-84%. He also said that, based on the number of reservations being made, that figure could increase to 90% in the coming months.