International Women’s Day

Los Cabos did their part in the big party

International Women’s Day, originally called International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year.  On this day, women all around the world celebrate being a woman and they honor  women.  It’s a time to reflect on the advances women have made and to continue to demand change for a better future.   Several events took place right here in Los Cabos to celebrate this day.

2016-03-21-(6).jpgDespite the strong winds on March 8, a group of determined women gathered on El Tule beach from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. to celebrate their special day.  Sinergia Consulting sponsored the event titled “Ser Mujer  (Being a Woman) Transforming Ourselves and Our Planet”.  The internet radio station transmitted the event live for those who didn’t get up early and make the trek to Tule Beach on the corridor.

Adali Parks lead the group consisting of about 50 English and Spanish speakers.   The women formed a circle of sisterhood in order to introduce themselves using three adjectives before sharing their reasons for being there.  Some were there to meet others and celebrate friendships.  All said they were there to offer support and strength to each other.  Many work professionally with women and believe it is important for women to work together for change. It was stressed that women need to help each other hand in hand .  Lupita Carbajal, a clinical psychologist, from Emovere Psychological Clinic was a guest speaker.

Elsewhere, women were recognized and celebrated at City Hall in San Jose, and there were activities there to empower women.  Mayor Arturo De la Rosa  stated that women are involved in his government in occupying important positions  and making important decisions to better Los Cabos, although he did not offer details of this.  He finished saying that forming opportunities for women and men to be equal is a long process and it begins with a personal consciousness. 

In Cabo San Lucas, the Institute for Women’s branch of the government organized a conference at the downtown cultural center.  The regular Sunday morning bicycle event organized a special women’s race starting at Plaza Bonita.  There were 108 women participating in three areas: 9K, 5K and walking.  Winners received a rose and a medal.

The celebrations ended on March 13 at the San Jose City Hall with a pedestrian race for the Rights of Women along with yoga, personal defense, and Zumba.