How You Can Help The Local Ecology

A little help on choosing wisely

The International Community Foundation is out of San Diego with an office in La Paz and has in-depth knowledge of the local issues and nonprofits. They help donors connect with the causes they care most about, and they can structure a donation to the best tax advantage.

Their efforts are broad, and directed toward education, health and the environment, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, healthier communities, and more effective education.

Their goal is to help you plan your giving in a way that benefits you, your family and the charity of your interest, as there are many ways you can make a planned gift to charity and enjoy tax or income benefits.  For more information go to


Defensa Ambiental del Noroeste, (DAN)

DAN is an environmental nonprofit that works closely with community-based groups throughout the Baja California peninsula and the Sea of Cortez to train them on relevant Mexican laws. They then work with those groups to ensure those laws are followed. This support includes the legal analysis of cases involving threats to the environment and the conservation of ecosystems, species and land. They develop strategies affecting the legal framework of conservation programs, training seminars and workshops, and legal advice for environmental grassroots organizations.

The Friends of Wild Baja Fund

The Friends of Wild Baja Fund conserves and protects the critical habitats and biodiversity of Baja California, including Laguna San Ignacio, Magdalena Bay, and the wilderness areas between La Paz and Loreto.

Pronatura Noroeste

Pronatura Noroeste is a regional office for the longest-standing conservation organization in Mexico. Their award-winning work on marine protected areas, fisheries reform, private land conservation and scientific research on endangered species is responsible for creating most of the protected areas along the Baja peninsula.

This year, Pronatura is proactively implementing marine and land conservation in Bahia de los Angeles, Laguna San Ignacio, Magdalena Bay, and the Upper Gulf of California. Pronatura is also home to the Bahia de los Angeles Coastkeeper program.

Baja Stewardship Fund

 Large-scale land conservation is achieved through careful management, scientific monitoring, good neighbor relations, and an on-site presence. This year the International Community Foundation’s partners secured hundreds of miles of coastal concessions and continued negotiations for more protected lands along the Baja peninsula. Today, lands under management total over 600,000 acres in Laguna San Ignacio and Bahia de los Angeles alone.

SEA OF CORTEZ Disaster Relief Fund

The Baja California Disaster Relief Fund responds to community-based needs arising from disasters that impact areas throughout the Baja California peninsula. In 2014 this fund was dedicated to supporting relief and rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Odile.

Baja Regional Waterkeeper Fund

 A regional collaborative of six organizations working throughout the Baja California peninsula to fight for clean water and healthy communities. Each member of Waterkeepers monitors their beaches for bacteria once a month all year long. Collectively, the program monitors over 75 sites along the coastline for enterococci bacteria, a recognized indicator of human sewage contamination and public health risk.

Comunidad & Biodiversidad, (COBI)

COBI merges its scientific focus with focus on jobs. Working with fishing cooperatives throughout the peninsula, COBI has demonstrated that fishermen can manage their own catch in a sustainable way. COBI’s Mexico City office promotes policy and legislative reform that supports responsible fishing and helps fishermen improve their practices. In the past 12 years, COBI has restored over 185 square marine miles, improved the lives of over 14,000 community members, and helped sustainably manage over 100 marine species.