How to Use Mexico’s Do Not Call Registry

Mexico has a law very similar to that of the United States that allows people to add their Mexican phone number to a national do-not-call registry called Registro Público para Evitar Publicidad (REPEP). They even have an online portal so you can do it yourself in less than a minute.

Registering Your Mexican Number Online

Step #1

Go to the official website

Step #2

Click on the first option “registra tu número”

Step #3

Enter your 3 digit area code where it says “lada”

Enter the remaining 7 digits where it says “teléfono”

Enter the area code and the number with no spaces or dashes where it says “confirmación del número…”

Under “sectores”, choose the type of calls to avoid. For all of them, check “todos”

Hit the button that says “Registrar” and you’re all done.

Step #4 (Optional)

If you want to confirm that the information is in the registry, go back to Step #2 above and click on “consulta tu registro”. Enter your phone number and you’ll be able to see if it’s in the system.